Just-Eat.co.uk goes fully universal on Windows 10 with a beta app for Xbox One

Just-Eat.co.uk pools local takeaways, allowing users to browse menus, review, and order food from various restaurants directly from the site.

As detailed by Just Eat's app team on the Xbox One subreddit, users in the UK are now able to join the beta test for their Windows 10 app on Xbox One, in what is frankly, one of the most impressive UWP efforts we've seen so far.

If you're in the UK and want to participate in the beta, Just Eat detailed how you can join in on this subreddit post.

Considering the Xbox One app is in beta, it already feels incredibly polished and fully featured, and probably isn't far away from a full launch on the console. Just like the Windows 10 app, you can browse local listings, access full menus, place orders, and view restaurant location information. Account sign in works, allowing you to check on orders and make reviews. The app is speedy and full of fluid animations.

Unlike many UWP apps currently available on Xbox One, Just Eat has reworked the UI to be intuitive for use with a controller, rather than just fall back on the awkward joystick cursor seen in other Xbox One UWP apps.

Just Eat beta on Xbox One.

Just Eat is a shining example of how good a Windows 10 app can be within the ecosystem, and we can only hope other companies take notice. If you haven't already, you can check out the existing Just Eat Windows 10 app using the link below.

Download JUST EAT - Takeaway from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Jez Corden
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  • Excellent - now I can order food on my PC whilst I'm playing Counter-Strike!
  • Great! It's a great app and works well cross platform.
  • It's great to see this kind of support. Shame that the advertising agencies don't promote the Windows platform on TV and/or printed ads. The Just-Eat TV ad doesn't show that there is an app for Windows (despite showing it running on a Lumia) and for instance the Groupon ads leave out the Windows Store logo showing as only available for Android and Apple. Link to this the automatic "hatred" towards anything Microsoft and you wonder why the perpetual "Windows has no apps" just gains more and more strength...
  • Agreed. Really hope Xbox helps Microsoft leverage for more apps.
  • I noticed that as well, they use a Windows Phone to show the app on the phone because you can read the name on the app quite clearly on it's Live Tile, but negate to promote that it's available on Windows, which bewilders me, because why would they neglect to mention something that could bring them more money!!!! Anyways, I'm impressed with the app and I hope others follow!!!! Hopefully with the imminent release of the "Surface Phone" they will make deals with companies previous to the release of the phone and when the phone is announced, they can show off all the apps they have available which will all be released that same day!!!! People like Apps, so they need to provide them if they want customers!!!! I'm still ok my 950XL!!!
  • Nice. Tell me when it's in Canada.
  • I dont get why Microsoft isn't expanding beyond the US. Here in Eastern Europe the app situation (and other Microsoft products like Groove, Cortana) are horrible. I would by a ton of movies and music from the Microsoft apps, but noooooooooooooooooo its not available.
  • This will happen more and more as ARM runs full Windows 10. This is finally the vision coming to fruition.
  • Putty just got recompiled for windows 10 ARM, and the OS isn't even out yet. That's a first.
  • Just eat is not British. It's danish.