Katy Perry survives plane crash, uses her Lumia 1020 to take a selfie with a monkey

One way to spend marketing dollars is to place your product as nonchalantly as possible into television, music videos, movies and anything else you can think of. You might take a somewhat famous YouTuber (is that a word?), give them a Nokia Lumia 1020, and have them make a video. You can also pay millions of dollars and have your products appear in a summer blockbuster. But does any of that really compare to having Katy Perry use your phone in a music video? Let’s find out.

Nokia has just posted an “exclusive” behind the scenes video for Katy Perry’s next music video. The official music video for her song “Roar” is expected to come out tomorrow, but Nokia’s giving us a sneak peak. Why are we talking about Katy Perry on Windows Phone Central? Because she uses a Lumia 1020 in the video. It really should be the yellow or white variant instead of the black, but we’ll take it.

All behind the scenes footage was also shot on a Lumia 1020.

Source: YouTube

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Sam Sabri