Keeping tabs on your health with WebMD app (unofficial) for Windows Phone

One aspect of staying fit is tending to health issues that may crop up. WebMD is a popular website that provides you with a wide range of medical and health information ranging from diet to medication to home remedies. While WebMD should never replace a trip to the doctor's office, the website can improve your knowledge of health conditions and offer suggestions on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

The Windows Phone WebMD app isn't an official offering but does try to deliver WebMD's information to your phone. The app provides WebMD's health tools, information on health conditions and tips on living healthy. Absent an official WebMD app, this unofficial version does a decent job of things by giving you easy access to the mobile WebMD website. However, there are a few quirks about it. 

App Layout

WebMD is not an official app but does tap into the WebMD mobile website and does follow the WebMD site's layout.

The main page has navigation options running across the top of the screen to access the Health Tools, Health Conditions and Living Healthy menus. The content of the main page includes feature articles on health related subjects, local health forecasts and health news items.

 The main page of the WebMD app also holds an issue that may not bode well for this unofficial app. You'll find links to other WebMD apps that are available for other platforms. Because this app looks like a simple port for the mobile website, I doubt you can filter out these links that aren't compatible with the Windows Phone OS.

Throughout the app you will find three control buttons that include a home button to send you back to the main page, a refresh button and a share button.

Again, across the top of the main page for the WebMD app has three menu options. They include the following.

Health Tools

This menu will hold an assortment of options to help you research medical information, forecasts, finding a doctor and more. The options include:

  • Symptom Checker: This menu items is another problem with the unofficial app. This is a link to an app feature available for other platforms.
  • Health Forecasts: This feature contains a general weather forecast for your area along with cold, flu, pollen, dust, asthma, air quality and other health related issues the weather may affect.
  • Drugs and Medication: A physician's desk reference of sorts where you can look up drug information by keyword search or scan the top listed medications.
  • Health Care Reform: Information and resources on the U.S. Health Insurance and Affordable Care Act.
  • Doctor Finder: Traveling and need to find a doctor, pharmacy or hospital in your area? You can search by keyword or location to find any of the three.
  • My Messages: A new feature to WebMD that will allow your physician to send you educational materials about your medical situation.

Health Conditions

If you are looking for conditions, symptoms, treatments and preventative measures to avoid the conditions this menu option is the one you want to visit. Conditions range from allergies to heart disease to sleep disorders.

Living Healthy

This menu has resources for living a healthier life. You have options that includes tips and information on:

  • Women's Health
  • Men's Health
  • Weight Loss and Diet Plans
  • Food and Recipes
  • Healthy Beauty
  • Fitness and Exercise
  • Pregnancy
  • Children's Health

Along with these three menus, you also have a keyword search available that will let you search the WebMD site for articles and resources.

Overall Impression

While the WebMD app is an unofficial app, it does deliver a good amount of information to your Windows Phone, information that can be helpful in dealing with health issues and staying healthy. The app ran smoothly but you do have the mild annoyances of having some features (or app links) only available for other platforms.

It's a little bit of a rub but if you need the medical resources WebMD provides, the unofficial app is the only game in town.

Sure, it would be preferable to have an official WebMD app for Windows Phone but in the absence of an official app, this WebMD app fills the void.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • We need medscape ,epocrates and micromedex for wp.there is not a single drug reference app for wp.wp do so little for health care professionals.
  • Uhm i see
  • I agree! Well pointed out! for drug reference you could try myHealthbox. It does a nice job.
  • There is uptodate. Works pretty well.
  • Please medscape.please.just one official app and I wont ever leave doctors medscape is a just an essential part of our lives.and I don't get that on wp :| what worse :(
  • THIS. Without Medscape no friend of mine willing to try WP.
  • but you have to pay for it. 150$ per year. As a med student I cannot afford it,
  • Try drugscape, seems to do the trick, and the app gets frequent updates
  • Drug scape does the trick but is not good. Its Crap! Try installing an App from the store called WebApps. You'll have a WebApp for medscape.
  • I Agree ! We do need medscape, epocrates and micromedex. Drug reference apps are non existant on WP. But there is a way you could have Medscape. You'll need to install WebApps from the WP store and that App allows you to download a WebApp made for Medscape. Its a sweet WebApp and worth it atleast until we have the original app on WP
  • MPR (Monthly Prescribing Reference) is also worth trying out.
  • With WebMD, I learned that any symptom can lead to death apparently. And if its a headache, it must be a tumor.
  • Cancer...cancer everywhere!
  • End..........
  • Didn't you know? 's alternate URL is And while I agree that WP should get epocrates and medscape, it seems an alternative would be to release a 7inch tablet running full Windows which would give the same capabilities but in a form factor a little easier to read. Plus, this way patients don't wonder if you're looking up a contraindication, or checking your facebook.
  • It's not a tooomah!
  • I think the Bing Health & Fitness does a better job!
  • Its sad that so many apps are third party offerings instead of official ones :/ Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Third party or official, its the information that matters.
  • It is just the mobile web site. Apps are stupid.
  • A "port" of the mobile website that seems to "follow" its layout?
    It looks like a simple web wrapper.