Kensington Keyed Cable Lock now available for Surface Pro

Kensington is a company known for its secure locks, and now it is applying that expertise to the Surface Pro. The company has unveiled a new Kensington Keyed Cable lock for Surface Pro, which is now available for $49.99. And if you've got a reason to keep your Surface Pro securely tied down, it might be worth a look.

As far as security prowess goes, Kensington says the cable lock is equipped with a strong, durable, tamper-resistant lock head and an anti-pick 5mm keying system. A carbon steel cable should discourage any cutting attempts as well. It looks pretty good too, with a lock that attaches to a Surface Pro without requiring any modifications.

The Kensington Keyed Cable lock for Surface Pro is available now from Kensington in three flavors: Master Keyed, Supervisor Keyed, and Standard Keyed. All come in at $49.99. According to Kensington, the lock should work with the new Surface Pro, Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4.

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Thanks to Nelson_Paul for the tip!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Looks like a mini stapler!
  • The wire is solid, yes, just like all Kensington locks the weak point is the plastic rubbish it attaches to, a hard yank and it will come off or break the surface, either way the thieves have what they want.  
  • That is true, however they can not sell the device at good value... So it is built for theft Thoughfull (smart thief) prevention rather just theft prevention, at possible expense of your body-broken device if left behind!
  • I need something that could lock the device into the dock, and then lock the dock to the table.
  • Surface Book is screwed though.... no way to secure it at either top or bottom