Kik gets SSL encryption, bug fixes

Kik Messenger for WP7 has received its first update, bringing it to version 1.1.  While the patch does not bring any major new user-facing features to the table, it does resolve a couple of significant bugs that were present in the initial release.  The most noteworthy addition to v1.1 is SSL encryption.  If you'll recall, IT specialist, Mike Cardwell, reported that though passwords were encrypted within Kik, messages themselves were sent in plain text.  The developers later added SSL encryption in Android, Blackberry and iOS, but upon launching Kik for WP7, SSL remained absent.

The other fix worth mentioning is a resolution to the " bug."  Users trying to register on Kik for WP7 using an email address ending with "" were unable to do so.  A workaround was quickly found, but it's nice to know that it is no longer needed.

Kik is a great messaging app that's gotten that much better, so check it out here.

Source: Kik

  • Looks like a nice application. I hope everyone else here used it, but no... WhatsApp is the rule. Bummer.
  • Everyone goes on about whatapp but the fact that it requires your phone number to work makes it less attractive to me. That's a huge database of phone numbers that could be compromised.
  • Well nobody cares about it being compromised. A phone number is not that personal to people. If something happens with your phone number, you just get a new one.Whatsapp is so good because of your phone number.
  • The fact that WhatsApp uses the number is its best point.There is no need to add tedious usernames, with WhatsApp, whoever has the app will automatically be added to your contact list.Compromised? I dont think any of us are important enough for people to want to gather data about us...To be honest, the lack of WhatsApp as well as MANY basic apps is the reason why I am getting rid of my HTC HD7 tomorrow and picking up a Samsung Galaxy S.
  • Not all of us treat our phone numbers as a throwaway item, and having to change a compromised number is a huge process in notified all who need to know about the change. That is what makes cell numbers valuable to those who would want to gather data.Number portability is a reality because phone owners didn't want to change their phone number every time they felt the need to change carriers.
  • Loading of the app is very slow.I started it up and it froze once and then I had to reboot, when I started up the message that appeared as a toast notification (which is why i went into kik) was deleted and I had no idea what it said.The interface is laggy I find.Maybe some of this will be fixed with Mango but we will seee
  • One of those pple who actually removed it after discovering the security issue. Well, I re-installed it based on this news and it so far is good. Few things that are new:You can change ur display name, bubble colors (appearance), and send via [enter] key, check for updates, block users (via a block list).It seemed snappier on my HD7 so far as it launches faster now (time from clicking on the kik tile to actually getting inside the app is like may be 4 secs via Wifi. I would have to test it via 3g. Overall a welcome update. I wonder if the Android version has the security issues... as my fiancee uses this to chat with me and she also removed it when I did.
  • It feels a tad faster to me too, but all of the features you listed there were in version 1.0 :)