Killing Floor 2 is coming to Xbox One in August with timed exclusive content

Killing Floor 2 received a pretty low-key announcement for Xbox One at E3 when it briefly showed up on a list of Xbox One X enhanced games, but now it's official. Developer Tripwire Interactive has announced that the gory first-person shooter will hit Xbox One on August 29 — with some timed exclusive content to boot.

Already available for PC and PS4, Killing Floor 2 pits players against hordes of murderous clones known as Zeds in a bloody battle for survival. The Xbox One version of the game will include some timed exclusive content in the form of the Freezethrower, which lets you freeze and shatter Zeds with liquid nitrogen. A cosmetic outfit, the Wasteland Armor uniform, will also be available exclusively on Xbox One. Tripwire says the game will also ship with Mixer support on board as well.

As for Xbox One X, Killing Floor 2 will be enhanced with 4K, better performance, and improved visuals via better textures and shadows.

Killing Floor 2 doesn't appear to be available for preorder just yet on Xbox One, but it should be soon. Otherwise, you can look forward to picking the game up on August 29 for $39.99.

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  • Nifty, the first game was fun, I wouldn't mind giving this one a try too. Might suss it out and see if it's cheap on PS4.
  • It was on sale on humble bundle the other day for PC... I think it still is. It'll even play on Intel HD 4000 to 5000 series at reduced settings. Personally I've been hoping they would port it over to Xbox ever since they brought it to PS4. I love this game and playing it with reduced gore and resolution on my Intel HD 4400 laptop is just a tease. I can't wait to gib it up for reals in a few weeks!!
  • crossplay ? :) Too much to ask for I suppose
  • Highly unlikely. The Rocket League devs have been fighting with Sony to allow it for months, but only PC and XB1 have gotten it, as Sony refuses to play ball.
  • I'd take crossplay with PC if it was available! Doubt it would happen though! Shame!