Kinect cleared by the FDA to treat stroke patients

The second-generation of Kinect for Windows is coming this summer, but a select number of developers have early access. Those developers are working on cool experiences that will come with Kinect for Windows. We've seen Kinect used to treat patients in a variety of ways. One company, Jintronix, has just been granted FDA approval for their unique approach with Kinect.

Jintronix ( a company that makes physical rehabilitation software that uses Kinect for Windows. In this instance, the company has an innovative way to help rehabilitate those who have suffered a stroke. The approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will open up the way for Jintronix to help rehabilitate more stroke victims.

The 510(k) clearance granted by the FDA will enable Jintronix to directly be used by patients in a healthcare setting. The motion tracking and visual feedback provided by Kinect make it an ideal tool to help patients recover.

Source: Microsoft

Sam Sabri
  • Yay! Been wondering when do we see Kinect doing more!
  • I want to be able to connect my Xbox's one kinect to my pc at the same time!!I hope they also sell a cable to connect to both at the same time!!
  • I've always been amazed by what people manage to do with the Kinect.
  • But didn't some writer declare kinect dead yesterday?
  • Sam only said that Kinect would be dead for its intended proposes which is gaming.
  • Umm.. from the start it was clear that Kinect was not solely intended for gaming only.  Hence why they described their vision and possibilties for it, and why Kinect for Windows launched.  That said, it's definitely not dead.  It'll be troublesome for Xbox game developers now, but it's not dead.
  • It wasn't solely intended for gaming, no, but it was obviously the primary use of Kinect. No denying that.
  • And even that is ridiculous. Kinect is amazing. MS will still sell a lot of kinects with or without the xbox bundle. And incase you didn't notice, Xbox isn't just about gaming anymore. My 360 was hardly ever used to play games, but yet it got used a lot.
  • But, did it dieded?
  • I wonder if Microsoft is going to get into the health business with Kinect. Make a Kinect-connected smartwatch, jump the gun on Apple.
  • MS already has a large presence in the healthcare industry.  Many people don't seem to know that.  I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a smartwatch soon... but that's probably what that rumoured 'Nokia Roadrunner' is according to some sites.
  • I wish MSFT had come out with the surface mini last year. Our rehab company ended up getting iPad minis. They are a pain to use; no true multitasking, lags and the billing app crashes constantly. A surface would've been ideal as the snap mode and live tiles would come in super handy in a healthcare setting. Apps through..we desperately need more therapy related apps in the windows!!!
  • Well if the Surface Watch (if it does indeed exist) is Health-centric, it'll probably be released with 2 or 3 advanced health apps. I love the health and fitness app though. Great way to track workouts and peek inside your body
  • This is wondeful news.  I've seen a few hospitals use it before, but glad to see it officially FDA approved which means more will use it. :)
  • *healthcare (end of article)
  • No, clearly he meant "healthcar" - the next generation of auto-driving vehicles guided by Kinect which will take people to the hospital when they're incapacitated. :)
  • Ha thanks. Fixed. Using a new Markdown editor. Must have missed that!
  • Don't shy away from your creative genius Sam, run to the nearest patent office!
  • I've seen a couple videos with this in use. Really amazing to watch
  • I'm always astounded at the creativity some developers employ. This sort of application could increase the quality of life for patients with debilitating conditions. This far transcends the gaming foundations, the kinect has, and I'm grateful for it. Well done.
  • Pff all those who say, "Kinect is dead" are just plain and simple Idiots imo. It's not, and not even for games. Seeing Hospitals using Kinect to fix small injuries and even an operation for more accurate precision is just amazing. And On the gaming side. Kinect has a couple of triple AAA games on the way for this year. Also 1 thing I like to do is the Kinect Nike program at the gym with big groups. Love that stuff.
  • The motion gaming fad the Wii brought about is over, and most people I know would rather not pay $100 extra so they can talk to their Xbox. Unless MS puts out some really cool VR device for the One, Kinect v2 will just be a repeat of Kinect v1.
    With that being said, I think the possibilities for Kinect outside of gaming are endless, and its cool to see it being used in medical fields now.
  • I had high hopes that motion gaming wouldn't be a fad, but it really is/was. Working as a direct care provider, it can be really tough to get sedentary people active when they have the right of refusal. Exercise on the sly was really beneficial for the time that motion gaming was being pursued, but now they're all back to their traditional format MMO's and FPS drudgery. Telemedicine shows promise too, I just hope against experience that the "powers that be" (private insurance companies, healthcare megacorps, etc) don't get their grubby profit-seeking paws in the mix to preserve the embarrassingly ineffectual status quo the expense of quality care.
  • @ Tense. Reason Microsoft decided to sell the Xbox One without Kinect starting June 9. And sell a stand alone Kinect This fall. Price is still TBA in the upcoming 2 months. But it might get priced under $75. Plans are to bring a new Kinect lineup on games and apps to boost the Kinect. As a part of my job, I know what's coming ;) Compared to the first Kinect. This time Kinect is getting way more support. time will show that. Btw, I don't expect the Xbox VR, AR any time soon even tho its coming. It all depends on when Sony launches theirs before we get big details about it. There's still plenty of announcements to come.
  • No way it'll be priced under $75. I'm thinking probably $150. Remember, XB1 is sold break-even at $500 and the reddit AMA by an XB1 engineer stated that the XB1 could be sold for $350 without Kinect. This new $400 no Kinect SKU probably actually makes Microsoft a profit on each sold. Kinect v2 for Windows will be even more than that. Kinect v1 for Windows was not cheap at all. 
  • Sorry but no. It was Phil Spencer who has let us know the stand alone Kinect will not cost above $100 to make it $500. Papers that we have received, explain why it goes under or for or around $75. People will see at a certain point after buying a $399 Xbox One. Hey lets buy a Kinect cause that's a cool game for the kids. Oh wait it costs $150. I should have better bought the $500 Xbox version instead of the cheaper one. NO. It's a plan to use the $399 version and the standalone Kinect for a higher profit system. And on the dev side. (Reason why we got those papers.) Is to make sure people still buy a kinect faster so Developers who make games for the kinect don't feel left out and know their game still gets sold thanks to that Kinect price. It goes a bit further than only knowing prices and what it will cost. Sure stores will go do sale discounts on the 500 and 399 Xbox One, and on the stand alone Kinect. But that camera will never go above $100.
  • Yeah, motion gaming is dead. Microsoft seems to have pushed Kinect for gaming because they could move a large volume but they really should have realized people just don't care for motion gaming anymore. The voice capabilities can be realized with a simple and cheap microphone array. Kinect is amazing in the medical and robotics fields though. Tons of robotics made use of the original Kinect. Kinect v2 for Windows will probably sell quite a few for robotics purposes. Unfortunately neither of these alternative (and better) uses of the technology will move as many units as gaming would (if people actually wanted to use it for gaming). 
  • Not even half of you are actually gamers are you? Lots of nonsense being posted. Motion gaming is not dead. You all sound like ps4 users and no one likes you for it ....
  • Not me, I'm an official microsoftee with a job working for Microsoft for 2 years now. I try as much to bend the way people think about the Kinect. Cause its important to me and allot of developers for our Future games. How people are reacting to it. In the end, motion gaming is far from over.
  • Actually I'm a Nintendo fan first, the company that started the fad. And it's dead. Stop pointlessly putting up walls between console gamers. Xbox fans, PlayStation fans, Nintendo fans, PC fans... we're all gamers with different tastes. Get over yourself. Your damage control tactics are pointless. Motion gaming is dead, on the Wii U, on the Xbox One, and definitely on the PS4, at least until we start seeing some more VR technology.
  • Kinect is a awesome technology. There, I said it.
  • I agree that it is awesome. But not for gaming. 
  • It's awesome for gaming: But you have to like that genre which clearly you don't.
  • Thanks Sam for the great article and everyone for their inspiring posts. We are working hard with Microsoft to make this technology as available and affordable as possible. FDA Clearance brings us 1 step closer to that goal.
  • Awesome! As someone who works with stroke patients I'll be glad to see how Kinect can add to our therapy toolbox. Bring it on!
  • Sam, I dig your posts. It's like you know exactly what I want to read.
  • Why grandpa needs an Xbox One ;)