Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets 'Hardcore Mode' on Xbox One and PC

Recently, Warhorse Studios released a roadmap for some new content that will be released over the course of the next year for the medieval role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The title is currently available for $59.99 on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

A new "Hardcore Mode" launches on June 26, 2018 and the "From the Ashes" expansion releases shortly after that. Hardcore Mode is a free update for all Kingdom Come: Deliverance owners. The mode adds a new layer of challenge by modifying how the game is saved to how you navigate the map. You can read about Hardcore Mode and From the Ashes below or view the complete notes on Reddit.

Hardcore Mode

  • In Hardcore Mode there is no autosaving. The game can only be saved by drinking "Saviour Schnapps", sleeping in your own bed, paying for a bathhouse full service, or exiting the game.
  • In Hardcore Mode you can't rely on eating from open cooking pots. The best way to regenerate health is to sleep. Food and healing potions take quite a while to kick in.
  • You're only alerted to your current health and stamina levels by means of in-game visual effects.
  • Henry's position is not shown on the map and there are no indicators on the compass. Waypoints are shown only when you get close to them.
  • Fast travel isn't possible in Hardcore Mode.
  • Combat is more realistic in Hardcore Mode. Strikes have more realistic impact, and engaging in combat with an experienced warrior without wearing quality armor is very deadly.
  • Hardcore Perks are a form of customizable difficulty. You can enable a lot — like "Consumption", "Nightmares", "Tape Worm", "Claustrophobic", or "Shakes" — to make the game even harder.
  • Traders pay less for goods and rewards are lower overall. Repairing items is even costlier.

From the Ashes

In From the Ashes, you have an opportunity to build a new village. As a newly-appointed bailiff, you have to decide what buildings to erect, what people to bring, and how to settle disputes. Buildings are upgradable and require different materials.

Set in 1403, you play as Henry, a humble blacksmith's son, who winds up in not-so-humble circumstances. The game starts off in a fairly benign way, where you resolve village disputes, learn your father's craft, and play real dice games from the time period. The opening is quite deceptive because Henry's simple life is disrupted in a severe way and the adventure begins from there. You will eventually find yourself taking part in large-scale battles, and helping solve a political crisis that threatens all of Bohemia.

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