Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning: Collector's Edition goes up for preorder

Kingdoms Of Almur
Kingdoms Of Almur (Image credit: THQ Nordic)

Yesterday, Windows Central reported that Kingdoms of Amalur was coming to Xbox One as a remaster. Our very own Jez Corden said the game was a cult hit from the Xbox 360 era, that while polarizing at the time, but is remembered fondly by many who actually gave it enough time.

With art by Spawn creator Todd MacFarlane and writing by noted high-fantasy author R. A. Salvatore, Kingdoms of Amalur should've been a big hit, but the studios that built the game ultimately folded under the weight of large loans. Luckily, it's being resurrected by THQ Nordic with a number of enhancements and it's coming out on August 18.

If you were a fan of the original, be sure to check out the Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning: Collector's Edition. The collector's edition includes artwork, a keychain, the game, and an amazing statue. The box art also reveals that the game is Xbox One X Enhanced. It's unclear what this means at the moment, but we're hoping for a higher resolution or better frame rate on the upgraded machine.

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  • The story behind the creation of the game is more interesting than the game itself. Curt Shilling made a lot of money as the Boston's Red Sox ace pitcher for many years. He should have just retired after baseball but no he decided he wanted to create a game studio. He shelled out big for top talent including Todd MacFarlane but also many others. The studio burned through money like crazy and they attracted some big investors to help the project get competed such as a New England sate, Rhode Island I think? They wanted Kingdom's of Amalur to be a huge MMO. But the MMO didn't get off the ground and the game fizzled and Curt and Rhode Island lost a lot of money among others. I tried getting into the game but it had a really bad problem that should have been easy to fix in that it was worst game I've ever seen for feeling like you were floating across the landscape rather travelling upon it. It was completely immersion-breaking. I wonder if they addressed that on the re-master. I only played the PC version but it was the same on console.
  • I had no idea. Thank you for sharing. I'll reach out to THQ Nordic to see if we can learn anything.
  • THQ Nordic says that it has "refined gameplay." I'm not sure what this means, but I'm guessing they fixed the animations at least.
  • Thanks for checking