Knockout City going independent and free-to-play in its second year

Knockout City Graffiti
Knockout City Graffiti (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

What you need to know

  • Knockout City is an entertaining third-person multiplayer shooter from Velan Studios and Electronic Arts.
  • The game is now entering its second year of existence after months of constant updates and post-launch support.
  • Ahead of Season 6, which kicks off Year 2, Velan Studios have announced it's going independent from EA Originals and will publish Knockout City itself.
  • Additionally, Knockout City is set to go free-to-play soon, with early players getting rewarded for purchasing the game.

Occasionally, a new game releases that defies expectations and delivers shocking fun. Knockout City is one such game, which builds on the well-known third-person multiplayer shooter genre, but relies on simple, tight gameplay and trades guns for dodgeballs. Knockout City is approaching its second year of existence, and the passionate team behind it has big plans for how the game will continue to evolve over time.

On Thursday, Velan Studios revealed what's coming to Knockout City in the future, and that future looks promising for fans of the title.

First off, Season 5: Greatest Hits is closing out Knockout City's first year by revisiting the greatest content and additions since release, while Velan Studios works tirelessly in the background on the future. With the arrival of Season 6 kicking off Year 2, Knockout City is officially going free-to-play and dropping its price tag. With the move, Velan Studios is aiming to make the game more approachable and invite new players to try it for the first time.

Of course, loyal players who purchased the game are also rewarded, with an in-game bundle being gifted to any player who buys Knockout City before Season 6 begins. The bundle will include exclusive cosmetics, XP boosts, and 2,000 Holobux (Knockout City's in-game currency). Whether you're waiting until Knockout City is free-to-play or purchasing it early, there are plenty of Knockout City beginner tips and tricks to help you get started.

In other news, Velan Studios announced it's officially becoming independent of Electronic Arts Originals, which helped publish Knockout City on all platforms. Velan Studio will be in charge of Knockout City's publishing, and intends to work more closely with the community moving forward. Until Season 6 begins, players will still need an EA Account to play Knockout City.

Between Velan Studios becoming independent and Knockout City becoming free-to-play, the team has warned that Season 5 will be shorter on content than previous releases. When Season 6 rolls around, Knockout City will again regularly add fresh content.

In our Knockout City review, we concluded the game is "fun and fair, packed to the gills with unlockables, and thanks to its dedicated team, will only get better over time." Thanks to continued support, Knockout City is one of the best Xbox games for players looking for straightforward, competitive fun.

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