Kodi updates failing through the Windows Store, Microsoft fix on the way

If your Kodi update to v17.1 isn't going well through the Windows Store, you're not alone. Something is happening and there's a fix on the way.

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There's no further information on exactly what the cause or solution is, just that something is broken and that it should be getting fixed soon.

Kodi has recently committed to the Windows Store with a good working relationship with Microsoft. The result is that eventually Kodi will transition to UWP which will also make it available on the Xbox One. The drawback, if you can call it that, is that things like this can happen which appear to be out of the main developer's hands.

If you didn't update to v17.1 yet then maybe hold tight and wait it out until we know the coast is clear.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • I just uninstalled and reinstalled, but yeah, I had to start over though.
  • I just reinstall right before see this too. But I use "Backup" add-in so I don't have to start over. :D
  • You're not alone...
  • It wouldn't install from the store for me in the first place. Had to download and install Kodi 17 manually.
  • I wonder if this will fix the constant issues I have downloading other titles too. Which I gave up on eventually case lol nobody uses the store so looking up error codes brings up nothing.
  • When I went fast ring yesterday, it finally updated
  • What's the difference between the Kodi Store app and the x86 app?
  • Not much. They ported the x86 app to the Windows Store as a first step to going UWP and getting it on the Xbox One. And going back to its XBMC roots.
  • The main advantage is automatic updates. Also, should you ever want to uninstall, you don't have to worry about crap being left behind.
  • Yes, update fails here as well. I thought my Windows Store was f*cked again. But fortunately this isn't the case (hopefully)
  • I've a similar problem with musicmatchx
  • I wanted to try this app when it first came out as yep but the ui is still designed around mouse and keyboard. Hopefully they'll start making it touch friendly this year
  • There are touch friendly skins you can switch to. If that is all that is holding you back.
  • There are touch friendly skins you can switch to. If that is all that is holding you back.
  • Every version that's been in the store comes with Estouchy, which is a skin designed specifically for touch interfaces.
  • Office also doesn't get update for some reason through store along with Kodi. I reinstall them both and look ok now
  • make it for window mobiles also..
  • make it for window mobiles also..
  • I have the same problem with the people app in my Phone. Lumia 1520 W10M Product release.
    Since more than 2 months I can't update it, it says error after the downloading completes through the store. I can't even uninstall it, so that I install it again. All I have to do is resetting my phone because of one shittty app that unable to update from the store.
  • Same problem with Musixmatch Desktop
  • Slack is having issues too
  • There's another app adaway (android) way that fails during installation process, hope they fix the bugs on their next update.