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What you need to know

  • The Nether Update is the next major release for Minecraft, and should be nearing completion.
  • The latest beta build for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition mirrors previous releases, with bug fixes in tow.
  • It's not terribly exciting, but means the official release date could come any day now.

Another day, another beta for the Nether Update for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. This one comes with a very important release for the Java Edition, even if this particular beta is about as interesting as the last few have been. As in, not at all. The bug fixes are vital to provide an awesome experience come launch day, but we probably won't be seeing any new features or anything like that from here on out.

The latest beta, continuing the 1.16 release branch, seems to focus on stability, with fixes for several crashing issues and graphical glitches. There's also a fix here for chests that generated without loot, which feels like every chest to me. Just kidding. If you're interested in reading the full changelog, you can check that out here.

Otherwise, check out our guide for joining the Minecraft beta, or wait with the rest of us for the Nether Update to finally officially release.

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