New leaked screenshots show off yet more improvements in Windows 10 for Phones

Leaked screenshots of Windows 10 for Phones in action have been shared online over the last handful of weeks, but new images from China show off what appear to be new Contact and Messaging features.

Looking at the new images (unfortunately they're in a localized language) we can see not only changes made to the contact list and menu – sporting new rounded imagery – but also the messaging app, which has received some attention.

Windows 10 for Phones

According to ITHome, these screenshots show build 12531. The site notes some new additions that join the above, which include improved system settings, device-level encryption, IE11 / Project Spartan UA enhanced recognition, USB OTG.

See the source link below for more images.

Source: ITHome, via: Neowin

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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