Opera browser gets better support for Windows 10

The Opera web browser for PC users has been updated to version 36, and it includes a number of features specifically for Windows 10 users.

Opera says the start page has a refreshed look:

"The start page navigation panel has been moved to the left, to optimize for horizontal space on popular widescreen monitors. You've been asking for more customization power over speed dial – in the top-right corner you will find the "Customize start page" cogwheel option, which allows you to change themes and customize the news section in one place. If you tick "show advanced options" in opera://settings, the start page configuration will show even more settings, check for yourself,

In addition, the UI has some Windows 10-specific changes:

" Opera now blends with the system, changing colors across the application to match its style. You can now control whether you want to keep the Opera colors or get a new system look by going to Settings. Opera now adapts to your input method and makes life easier for those of you using touch. With touch input, it will automatically increase the size of toolbar items and all context menus, plus it will give you a new icon for the fullscreen move, exactly like modern apps do. We've also added some cool-looking graphics to make our style blend better with the native style of Windows 10."

Download Opera 36 now for Windows

John Callaham