Latest Sea of Thieves development trailer gets lost in the clouds

Developer Rare has released a new video that looks behind the scenes of its upcoming Xbox One and Windows 10 pirate-themed game Sea of Thieves. This latest clip takes a look at the unique challenges the company faced in creating the clouds for the game.

The YouTube clip shows has Valentine Kozin, the principal technical artist at Rare, describing how creating clouds in 3D games has always been a struggle, since clouds by their very nature are "fluffy" and are hard to recreate realistically with polygons.

The clouds in Sea of Thieves will indeed be full 3D structures, and Rare shows how the clouds change in the game world. They can even take on specific shapes, such as a pirate ship or a skull, for added narrative effect. Kozin says that he believes no game has created clouds like Rare has done for this title.

You will be able to see the pretty, pretty clouds in Sea of Thieves when it is published by Microsoft sometime in 2017.

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John Callaham