The latest Surface Pro 4 ads show how a mountain guide uses it on Mount Everest

Microsoft is running a new series of TV ads for the Surface Pro 4 tablet. This campaign shows how professional climber and guide Melissa Arnot can conduct her business with the tablet, even if she happens to be climbing Mount Everest.

The new marketing campaign, as posted on the Surface YouTube channel, is similar to the ones that Microsoft has run in the past for the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. In this specific case, the 30-second ad and two 14-second commercials have Arnot stating how powerful the Surface Pro 4, which allows her to run her climbing and guide business more efficiently.

She also talks about how easy it is to convert it into a laptop, and how durable the tablet is so it can be used even when she's climbing the tallest mountain in the world (she's reached the peak of Mount Everest six times). Yes, she even says that the Mac could not do the same things her Surface Pro 4 can do.

John Callaham