Latest Windows 10 update failing to install and causing random restarts for some users

Windows Update
Windows Update (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The latest Windows 10 Patch Tuesday Update is failing to install for some users.
  • Other users report their PCs randomly restarting following the update.
  • The issues seem to only affect a small subset of users.

Several users have run into issues involving the August 2019 cumulative updates for Windows 10 (via Windows Latest). The update failed to install for some users while others experienced random restarts following the update.

Users on a Reddit thread and on a Microsoft community forum reported that the update failed to install on their PCs. Several error messages appeared during failed installations including 0x800f0982, 0xe0000100, and 0x80073701.

In addition to the update failing to install, some users on Reddit reported that their PCs are randomly restarting. Some Reddit comments state that the issue has been present since Windows 10 version 1903 while others mentioned specifically on a thread for the most recent cumulative update without stating if the error occurred before the update.

These issues seem to affect a small subset of users based on how many people are reporting the issue, but it's unclear how many devices are affected.

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  • Update 1903 has proven to be a disaster for my laptop. It got hung up trying to update, let the little dots spin for a couple of hours before I forced a shut down. Thankfully used a restore point to rebuild the laptop, then later Windows tried downloading and installing a second time only again to get hung up. This time I wasn't so lucky and had to appeal to the Microsoft Bulletin Boards for how to get my laptop into diagnostics mode and ultimately had to reinstall Windows 10...ultimately twice! Finally for the first time in FOREVER called Microsoft Tech Support and got the impression that 1903 has been giving a lot of users trouble which was confirmed by a quick internet search. The MS tech person by remote did whatever they had to do and installed 1903 successfully but I've been scared since then every time Windows says there's an update to download and install... I shouldn't be afraid of my computer's operating system Microsoft!!!
  • I've had it also on my laptop and Surface Go. Laptop I didn't restart after maybe 3x but just deny the restart pop up and I've not seen it anymore. On my Surface, it didn't start up anymore! After a hole day it still wasn't restarted. I've to restart it by pressing the volume down button and the on/off button at the same time for about 10 sec. After that it restart and it was ok and updated. Both device works fine now.
  • Microsoft screaming that this update was urgent. Had to go uninstall it from computers that the update broke business applications from working. I guess when Microsoft puts a pause button in the update options you need to go against your knowledge of security updates and turn off automatic updates.........
  • I had the same problem, downloading but not going on to install, with frequent restarts. I found if I ran a windows backup, it then moved on to the install process. Maybe it won't allow the update to proceed unless there is a backup available somewhere.
  • Why is this even news? Of COURSE some people will have problems. There are many many many Windows PCs out there, with lots and lots and lots of configurations. And as we all know, consumers ARE the test bed before Enterprises install this stuff. Actually, it is mathematically impossible for NO ONE to have problems.