Leaked Destiny 2 poster points to September 8 release date

Activision has already confirmed a sequel to popular online shooter Destiny is coming this year, and now we might now when: September 8. The date comes from a pair of images that allegedly show retail posters for the game in Italian, advertising a September 8 release date and a Destiny 2 logo. The posters, which popped up on both Imgur and Italian site Lega (via Polygon), show the same poster, but from different angles.

Outside of the release date, the posters also seem to point to some type of beta event that will run ahead of release. And as Polygon points out, though largely illegible, the blue portion in the upper right corner of the poster implies that PS4 users may get access to the beta a week earlier than other platforms.

There's very little known about Destiny 2 at the moment, as Bungie and Activision have remained relatively mum outside of a confirmation that the sequel is indeed coming this year. That said, a September 8 launch date certainly sounds plausible, as the original Destiny, along with The Taken King and Rise of Iron, saw September release dates. It's probably a wise idea to take leaks like this with the requisite grain of salt, but one thing's for sure: we'll probably learn much more at E3 in June.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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