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Leaked video shows off Outlook Spaces, a new way to organize your projects

Outlook Spaces
Outlook Spaces (Image credit: WalkingCat)

What you need to know

  • A leaked video shows off Outlook Spaces, a new project management tool from Microsoft.
  • Outlook Spaces brings together emails, calendars, and documents into separated project spaces.
  • You can enable Outlook Spaces now using DevTools.

A leaked video shows off a new service from Microsoft called Outlook Spaces. The service brings together emails, calendars, and documents into separated project spaces to help you stay organized. It also appears to work with Microsoft To Do or Outlook tasks. Well-known leaker WalkingCat shared a video of Outlook Spaces in action.

The video shows off a few examples of how Outlook Spaces works. You can jump into a specific project space and see events, links, and other content within cards on a blank canvas. There's a panel on the left for adding content, including what appears to be a way to add a text box, attach a file, place a link, and add a to-do list. It isn't clear if the to-do lists are from Outlook Tasks or Microsoft To Do, but those integrate well, so you can likely manage the tasks easily from other apps and spaces as well. The icons for PowerPoint, Word, and Excel are also on that toolbar. The bottom of the toolbar has an arrow for more options, so it's safe to assume Outlook Spaces has more capabilities.

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On the right-hand side, there's a flyout that allows you to search your apps, view messages, and scroll through events. You can then drag content from the flyout into a project space.

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WalkingCat states that you can enable Outlook Spaces now if you use DevTools. He breaks down the steps in a follow-up tweet.

Sean Endicott
Sean Endicott

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  • This is long overdue. Looking forward to trying this out.
  • So OneNote? Seems useless.
  • How is it like OneNote? At best I'd say it's like a more complex whiteboard app
  • So after following the instructions I managed to get the site loaded and running as a Webapp through Edge Chromium. So far looks a lot like white board with the addition of email and calendar integration. I'll be interested to see it in action once you can allocate items to a space directly from Outlook (Says this "is" possible on the site). Generally I do wonder if this will replace whiteboard, which never really had a public launch was rather snuck in in place of the old writing panel.