Earthfall follows survivors who fend off an alien invasion of the American Pacific Northwest using squad tactics, portable heavy weaponry, instant walls, and more tools as they try to avoid swarms of horrific intergalactic invaders.

The game plays a lot like like cult classic Left 4 Dead. Today, the developer shared a roadmap which detailed future content. While a lot of the patches will involve weapons and missions, in October a "Horde Mode" is coming. This means that you'll have to fight waves of increasingly-difficult aliens with your friends.

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In Earthfall, you have to work together with your teammates to succeed because there are countless alien creatures that must be eliminated. It seems like trying to "Rambo" it will only end in disaster.

You can either buy the $39.99 Earthfall: Deluxe Edition on Amazon, or purchase the digital-only standard edition for $29.99 on the Microsoft Store.

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