Pursue justice one brick at a time in Lego DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros

Lego DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros is a fun Windows 10 game where you race through city streets as your favorite DC comic book hero to nab the villain. Not in the mood to be the hero, you can switch roles and play the part of the villain and try to outrun the hero.

While rated for ages 5-12 years, Lego DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros is an appealing time waster of a game for all ages. Graphics are colorful and the animations hold true to the Lego family of games. Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Lego DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros is a free game for the kid in all of us.

Lego DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros

Lego DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros lacks a proper main menu and when you jump right into gameplay when you first launch the game. The game starts out with you playing the role of Batman, chasing Cat Woman through the streets of Gotham. This first race covers the basics of game controls. You steer the Batmobile by sliding a small steering wheel nestled in the bottom right corner of the display.

As you chase Cat Woman, you navigate around a series of obstacles, jumps and elevated paths. Eventually, you catch up to Cat Woman and battle her by throwing Batarangs, while she throws milk bottles at you. The battle phase of the chase only lasts a short while and if you don't take Cat Woman (or any of the villains) down or she beats you up, the race continues.

Once you complete the first race, Lego DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros the game transitions to a Bat Cave-styled lair. Here you can switch out heroes (or villains), choose your mission and discover new features. For example, if you approach the giant box of popcorn you can watch a game trailer for Lego Batman Beyond Gotham.

During gameplay, there are Lego studs, blocks and cones to collect during. When you reach a certain number of these items, additional DC comic book characters, gifts and race environments become available. Characters include Batman, Robin and the Flash. Each character has their own signature attack during the battle phase and once you unlock a villain, such as Dr. Freeze or Bain, you can reverse the roles and try to outrun the hero.

Overall Lego DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros is a fun game for all ages, but there is room for improvement. The game lacks very little guidance on how to play the game and relies a lot on a trial and error approach.

The initial race does highlight the controls and while in the lair, paths light up to show you paths to take. I would have liked to have seen a more comprehensive tutorial with Lego DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros. It is not an overly difficult game to learn, but I can see it being frustrating for some gamers, especially the target age group.

On the plus side, there are plenty of Lego cinematics plugged into gameplay to give the game character and the graphics are top notch. Gameplay is mildly challenging, mainly trying to reach the goals to unlock new characters. Unlocking all the characters can be somewhat time-consuming, but a single game works out nicely to help you pass short bits of time.

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Lego DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros is a free game. There are no in-app purchases, making it somewhat kid safe (no accidental purchases possible). It is a fun game for kids and adults alike and should appeal to the Lego fanatic, as well as the DC comic book aficionado.

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  • I'm scared, this looks addictive.
  • Too addictive. I'm afraid to try it out :D
  • Hey look Flash needs a car to chase down Captain Cold
  • Fun game!  Love it.
  • Hopefully we get more dc stuff, id love to have DC Comics app.
  • Nvm realized isn't not made by dc
  • Still looks fun
  • My 5-year-old son has been hooked on this game since it came out.  It would be nice if there were a few more characters to unlock and maybe a little bit of a plot, but it seems to be another fun *free* release from Lego.