This LEGO GPU could let you build a better PC... kind of

Lego 3dfx Gpu Box
Lego 3dfx Gpu Box (Image credit: idspispopd)

What you need to know

  • A dedicated LEGO and PC fan has submitted a GPU Lego set for consideration.
  • The set is called the 3dfx Voodoo, after a classic GPU.
  • You can vote to have LEGO consider releasing it as an official set.

You can get some excellent gaming PCs from manufacturers, but you can customize your whole experience by building your own PC. But if you want to take that even further, you can build your own PC out of LEGO. One dedicated fan of LEGO and PC gaming submitted a 3dfx Voodoo set design to LEGO for consideration (via PC Gamer). Twitter user idspispopd shared the idea on Twitter, including the link to vote to get it considered by LEGO.

The card sure is a beauty. I mean, just look at it. It might not feature the RGB color lighting of today, but it has eyeballs, front-facing pegs, and some well-placed vent pieces. It's a throwback to the classic 3dfx card from the 1990s that powered Quake and many more titles from our youth. The designer of the set states on the LEGO Idea page that "This card was one of a short series of PC cards I made for fun in 2019 as fun way to pass the time. I've enjoyed making them and they have been a source of some enjoyable nostalgia."

Sure, it won't play DOOM Eternal, but it lets you play a blocked-based game that's similar to Minecraft. It's called LEGO, and you can use thousands of pieces to create anything, just like in Minecraft. Forget ray-tracing, shaders, and 4K resolution, LEGO pieces physically reflect light, cast actual shadows, and come in whatever resolution your eye is. As an added bonus, you can touch them. Show me a gaming PC with that level of haptic feedback.

On a more serious note, it's nice to see a set like this proposed to LEGO. LEGO has always been about inspiring creativity in people of all ages. Having a set based on a gaming PC could inspire kids to grow up and build amazing PCs. You can vote for the idea here. It needs 10,000 votes to be considered by LEGO.

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