Is the Lenovo Yoga C930 a 2-in-1?

Is the Lenovo Yoga C930 a 2-in-1?

Best answer: The Lenovo Yoga C930 does not have a removable keyboard base, so it is not a true 2-in-1 device. However, its 360-degree hinge does allow it to rotate around for tent, stand, and tablet modes when not being used as a traditional notebook, making it a convertible device. If you'd like a premium 2-in-1, we suggest having a look at the Surface Pro 6.Lenovo: Yoga C930 (From $1,400)Microsoft: Surface Pro 6 (From $899)

What's the difference between 2-in-1 and convertible?

Type Covers (Image credit: Windows Central)

Although the two terms often overlap depending on the device manufacturer or person you ask, in general, a 2-in-1 device is a device that has two separate parts that can be joined to create a full laptop experience. A prime example of a 2-in-1 device is the Surface Pro line, now in its sixth generation.

With the Surface Pro 6, you get a touchscreen tablet that can connect magnetically to a keyboard and touchpad — here known as a Type Cover — for a notebook feel. It's equally useful with the keyboard attached or detached, making it a versatile machine, especially for those who don't want a tablet and a completely separate notebook on hand.

A convertible, like the Yoga C930, does not come apart into two separate pieces. Instead, a 360-degree hinge allows the laptop to convert into tent, stand, or tablet modes just by rotating the lid around. When used as a tablet, the device is thicker due to the keyboard remaining attached, but the C930 is thin enough that it's hardly noticeable.

What's so special about the Yoga C930's hinge?

Lenovo's Yoga 900-series used to have a unique watchband hinge. The Yoga Book C930 continues that tradition, but the standard Yoga C930 now has a soundbar hinge that offers impressive audio. In our review, we noted that the speaker "gets loud, it doesn't distort, and the addition of Dolby Atmos makes it seem like audio is not just coming from directly in front of you."

Whether or not you make good use of the soundbar depends on what you'll use the laptop for, but in any case, it's a sturdy piece of hardware that allows the laptop to convert smoothly. If you plan on watching a lot of media, it's going to make itself useful every time you use the laptop.

What does the Surface Pro 6 offer?

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Like Lenovo's Yoga C930, the Surface Pro 6 has 8th Gen Intel Core processor (CPU) options, a touch display with active pen support, up to 16 GB of RAM, and options for sign-ins through Windows Hello. The Yoga C930 is available with a 4K display whereas the Pro 6 maxes out at 2736x1824, and you won't get the same modern ports on the Pro 6.

The Pro 6 is, however, much more portable thanks to a smaller overall size, and its versatile build gives you the option for a strict tablet or notebook experience. With either laptop, you're getting a device that will power through a standard day's work with a battery to back it up, but only the Pro 6 is a true 2-in-1.

Stick with the Lenovo Yoga C930 for a convertible device

Lenovo's Yoga C930 is one of the nicest convertible notebooks we've seen this year, with a premium aluminum build, modern ports, and a gorgeous display. If you want a device that can convert while staying in one piece, this is it.

Opt for the Surface Pro 6 for a 2-in-1 device

Looking for a true 2-in-1? Want to be able to leave the keyboard and touchpad behind for a true tablet experience? The Surface Pro 6 is available with modern hardware, a beautiful display, and it's built to premium Surface standards. The fact that it also starts at a far cheaper price will make it quite attractive to a lot of people.

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