Lenovo's new ThinkPad P52 is a mobile VR-ready behemoth

Lenovo today is dropping the curtain on its latest mobile workstation PC, the ThinkPad P52. And for professionals looking for a mobile PC that can handle heavy workloads like VR or 3D content creation, the P52 may be worth a gander.

Lenovo is billing the ThinkPad P52 as its first 15-inch VR-ready workstation, and it's backing that up with plenty of power. On the inside, the P52 can be configured with Intel's 8th Gen Xeon and Core CPUs, along with up to NVIDIA Quadro P3200 to handle heavy graphics loads. Impressively, the system can also be configured with up to 128GB of DDR4 memory, which can come in handy when working with things like large models and visual effects. And for storing everything, you can equip the ThinkPad P52 with up to 6TB of storage.

Elsewhere, the P52 packs an IR camera and a fingerprint reader for extra security, along with TPM 2.0 and a webcam cover. There are plenty of ports to choose from here as well, with three USB-A 3.1 ports, two USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports, and one HDMI 2.0 port, as are SD and Smart Card readers. A dedicated ethernet port is also on board, along with a Kensington lock slot.

Lenovo ThinkPad P52 VR

As for the screen, Lenovo has a couple of 15.6-inch options available. The first is a 1080p panel with 300 nits of brightness and a 72 percent color gamut. You can also step things up to a 4K touch panel with 400 nits of brightness and 100 percent Adobe color gamut coverage.

All of that power does come at a cost, however. Diving into its dimensions, the ThinkPad P52 comes in at 14.86 x 9.93 x 0.96 inches (377.4 x 252.3 x 24.5mm). The workstation is hefty as well, starting out at 5.4 pounds (2.45kg).

Pricing and availability

Lenovo isn't talking pricing just yet, but it says that the ThinkPad P52 should be available starting in late June. However, going off of current ThinkPad prices (opens in new tab), it's resonable to expect the P52 to start off a fair amount above the $1,000 mark.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Only 4 cores? I need min 6 cpu cores with the possibility to upgrade to 64GB Ram - - Big mistakes
  • Did you reply to the wrong article? This has 6 cores and can have up to 128 GB of RAM.
  • I went to the link provided, I found P52s 4 cores, I read Tom hardware, P52 will be Xeon 6 cores
  • The P52s is their 'ultrabook'. Their naming is weird. The P52, which isn't on their site yet, should give an option of the 8750H, 8950H, and Xeon options.
  • Can someone share links to notebook 32GB RAM
  • Take a look at the Dell XPS 15 9750. I have the 9650 (last gen but also has 32 GB) and have no regrets.
    The new Razer Blade comes with 16 but can be upgraded to 32 GB.
    Gigabyte Aero 15x can also have 32 GB All the above have 6 cores.
  • I know P52 gets to 128 GB Ram with 4 slots. Question, where and when can I buy e.g. 4x 32GB ram
  • I was wondering that as well. The other laptops that supports 128 gb, the Dell 7530 and 7730 doesn't even have that option on their website. It only lets you select up to 64. 32 gb chips might not be available yet but the manufacturers just future proofing.
  • What determine the existing notebooks with 2 Ram slots upgradeable to 2 x 32GB ram?
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