LG Lancet is 'out of stock' at Verizon and Microsoft Store, most likely for good

Verizon's website says the budget-priced LG Lancet phone with Windows Phone 8.1 is "out of stock". It seems likely this is the end for the phone in the U.S., over a year after it launched.

Verizon first started selling the 4.5-inch LG Lancet in May 2015 for $120 without a contract. It was LG's first smartphone with a Windows Phone OS installed since the LG Optimus and the LG Quantum launched with Windows Phone 7 way back in November 2010. Now the listings for the phone shows the "out of stock" message on both Verizon's site as well as the Microsoft Store (via Neowin).

The LG Lancet is not eligble to get the upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile, which is another reason why we are unlikely to see the phone show up on sale again. Verizon's only current smartphone with a Windows OS is the Lumia 735 with Windows Phone 8.1.

John Callaham