Lian Li's Odyssey X is a transforming PC case built for water cooling

Lian Li Odyssey X
Lian Li Odyssey X (Image credit: Lian Li)

What you need to know

  • Lian Li announced the Odyssey X PC case today.
  • The case can transform into three different configurations with different airflow setups.
  • The Odyssey X is available starting today for $500.

Lian Li announced the Odyssey X PC case that can transform into three configurations to adjust airflow. In addition to altering how air flows through the case, the different modes each provide a different look. Lian Li already makes the best PC case on the market. Now, people have a unique option from the same company in the Odyssey X. The new case is available starting today for $500.

When shipped, the Odyssey X is in Dynamic mode, which supports up to two 360 mm radiators. It includes parts needed to switch it to Dynamic-R (rotate) mode, which rotates the motherboard tray to improve GPU cooling. The rotated mode also swaps access to the motherboard's ports to the top of the case. Dynamic-R mode supports a 480 mm radiator and a 380 mm radiator or two 360 mm radiators.

The final configuration is called Performance mode. It flips the case 90 degrees to deliver better airflow. It also supports either two 360 mm radiators or a 480 mm radiator and a 380 mm radiator.

No matter what configuration the Odyssey X is in, the case supports water cooling components. It fits radiators up to 480 mm, nine 120 mm fans, or seven 140 mm fans.

In addition to having three configuration options, the Odyssey X is available in two colors, black or a black/silver combination.

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