Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 1 graffiti locations guide

Want to fully complete the first episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, but aren't sure where to find all of the optional graffiti spots? We've got you covered with our comprehensive list.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the first episode of Before the Storm!

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Location 1: Behind the RV (Old Mill exterior)

You'll find the first optional graffiti location to the left of the mill, behind the RV. Walk past the fire pit, around the vehicle, and you'll see the prompt light up along the side of the RV.

Location 2: On the razor blade (Old Mill interior)

The second graffiti location is inside the Old Mill. Once getting in, turn left and walk past the skeevy guys at the bar to find a razor blade hung up on the wall. You can graffiti the surface of it.

Location 3: Behind the unicorn poster (Chloe's room)

The third location is more hidden than the first two. To the left of the door to exit Chloe's room, there's a unicorn poster on the wall. Approach it, and you'll notice it can be torn down. Once doing so, you can graffiti the wall that the poster used to occupy.

Location 4: In the toolbox (Garage)

To find the location for the fourth graffiti, open up the toolbox during the section of the episode when you're in the garage. Take out the wrench that David needs, and then look at the toolbox again. You are now able to graffiti the inside of the toolbox's lid.

Location 5: Next to the swimming pool entrance (Blackwell exterior)

When you arrive at Blackwell Academy, instead of going straight, go left to the swimming pool building. Go to the right past it, and then immediately turn left and face the wall connected to the front of the building to find the fifth spot. You can graffiti the surface of this wall.

Location 6: On the dressing room poster (Drama classroom)

Once you get control of Chloe, immediately walk forward and right into the dressing room. Walk straight ahead until you're in front of the poster for the "The Tempest" play. This is the sixth location. You can graffiti the surface of the poster.

Location 7: Behind the crate (Train)

The seventh graffiti spot is located in the train scene. After moving the crate to sit down with Rachel, go back into the area the crate blocked. Look to your left and you will be able to draw on the wall of the boxcar you're riding in.

Location 8: On the statue (Overlook)

Right after Rachel asks you to retrieve the quarter from the broken binoculars machine, turn around and look up at the statue to find spot #8. You can graffiti the base of the statue.

Location 9: On the fallen sign (Junkyard)

The ninth graffiti opportunity is a bit tricky. After Chloe grabs the baseball bat, smash down the sign that's up ahead and to your right. Ignore the red paint cans until you do so. Once the sign is knocked down, return to the red paint cans nearby and smash those, causing paint to spatter all over the surface of the sign. Then, walk over to the sign and you will be able to use the paint to draw graffiti.

Location 10: On the back of the car seat (Chloe's nightmare)

During the nightmare in which Chloe experiences the death of her father, you'll find a small "The Tempest" poster on the back of the passenger seat. Look at it once, and then interact with it again to tear it off. The back of the seat will now be able to be drawn on, but you can't graffiti just yet. Chloe remarks that her marker is missing. To find it, look down at the wine bottle on the floor. The marker is stuck in the neck of the bottle. Take it out, and you'll be able to draw the tenth and final graffiti of the first episode.

Which graffiti was your favorite? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to check out Life is Strange: Before the Storm if you haven't done so already! The first episode is out now for $5.99 on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam.

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