Limited Edition Sea of Thieves Xbox controller now available and shipping

Sea of Thieves may not set sail on Xbox One and Windows 10 until March 20, but you can add some extra pirate flourishes to your life ahead of time with Microsoft's latest limited edition Xbox controller. Initially revealed in December, the Sea of Thieves Limited Edition controller is now available from Microsoft (opens in new tab). And if you preordered ahead of time, your order should now be shipping.

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The controller features a number of suitably pirate-y aesthetics. The largely purple color scheme is enhanced by glowing teal accents and button labels. An iconic pirate skull appears in the middle of the controller and compass directions can be found around the left thumbstick. Anything to do with pirates wouldn't be complete without some gold, which you'll find on the right trigger. As with all Xbox Wireless controllers, this one also packs textured grips and Bluetooth connectivity.

In addition to its custom aesthetics, the controller comes with some extra goodies. For Sea of Thieves itself, the controller includes an exclusive in-game Ferryman Clothing Set. Also included are trials for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.

If you previously preordered one of the limited edition controllers, it should be shipping now. Otherwise, you can pick one up from Microsoft now for $74.99. As for Sea of Thieves, the game is up for preorder now for $59.99 ahead of its March 20 release.

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  • I'll get one in 3 weeks
  • Saving my pennies for the Thief of Seas version
  • Ghastly! (but I like the single gold trigger)
  • One of the better limited edition controllers in a while! Tried to buy mine today but all shipments were delayed and shipping dates were tentatively pushed to Feb 20th here (in stores). Thankfully I was able to order one over the phone and it will ship now. I'm in Toronto, Canada btw.
  • Looks nice but not sure if I would always want the glowing to happen.
  • that looks pretty sick
  • #bemorepirate
    Is it alright to pirate this game?
  • Gamestop says the 16th. I wonder why.
  • Looking at all the excitement for this controller design I understand more why MS keeps making them... It's probably a lot cheaper to invest on a new controller design, overprice it  and label it "limited edition" than to make games.  It's still crazy to think that this "multiplayer-oriented" game that has it's own limited controller design doesn't have local or couch multiplayer. smh