LinkedIn app for Windows phones to be retired in August, but a Windows 10 app is on the way

LinkedIn (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

There's been a bit of confusion recently concerning what exactly is happening with the LinkedIn app for Windows phone, but it looks like its upcoming retirement is now official. In a new email being sent to users of the app, Microsoft explains it will retire the current Windows phone app at the end of August.

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Though LinkedIn will remain on your phone if you choose, it will stop working as of August 31, Microsoft explains. In its place, you'll have to instead access LinkedIn through its mobile website in Edge or Internet Explorer.

While that's no doubt bad news for Windows phone fans, Microsoft does try to smooth things over. The company says at the end of the email that it will launch "a new LinkedIn Windows desktop app in a few weeks on the Microsoft Windows App store." So, in other words, a Windows 10 app is on the way, but only for desktop, it seems. Hopefully that means we'll eventually see the app come to Windows 10 Mobile as well, but it'd probably be wise not to get your hopes up.

This all follows a strange journey for the LinkedIn app in recent months. Earlier in 2017, Microsoft sent an email to users saying the app would be retired, only to retract that statement shorly thereafter. In June, the LinkedIn app was pulled from the Windows Store. A few days later, it was updated to what was essentially a web wrapper, but only those who still had the app installed could get the update since it was no longer available in the Store.

In any case, the end of August spells the end for the mobile app, but at least there's a desktop version on the horizon.

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  • Could be a Win32 app in which case definitely not mobile. Desktop is one of those places a LinkedIn app won't be quite as useful IMO. Would be better of the website could put notifications in action centre via Edge when it's in the background
  • At this point, I doubt that they would waste their time writing a brand new Win32 app when they're pushing (or at least they were) UWP. If they write a new W32 app and submit it through the bridge into the store, no more nails would be required to bury UWP. 
  • I've asked LinkedIn support if the new app will be a UWP so I'll see what response I get.
  • It would be a real kick in the teeth from Microsoft's own division if they developed a Win32 app rather than a UWP one. That would be 'we care about the past and don't believe in the future'.  Microsoft need themselves to develop for the future as a way to push people forward.  E.g. gamers would move from Windows XP to Windows 7 to gain the newer DX features... people need motivating to move forward to Windows 10 by Microsoft developing for only that internally.  Not to mention the simple fact that the more developers internally using UWP, the better the quality and feature set in it will have.
  • Well they did that with Teams....LinkedIn isn't necessarily a division in MS either more like a sub company
  • That Teams desktop application was a real kick in the teeth. Here's the new flagship Office 365 service, launched with much fanfare and even the presence of the CEO himself, and its running WIN32 for the desktop app! Not that the general population cares, but developers, partners and key influencers take notice.
  • Nope, Neowin's News Editor here, already got a response, it's a desktop app only: " A LinkedIn spokesperson has responded to Neowin's request for comment, saying that the company is dropping support for the Windows phone app in order to transition focus to the development of the Windows desktop-only app. The full statement reads as follows:
    We are working closely with the Microsoft team to invest our efforts towards a new Windows desktop app coming this summer. As a result, we will be deprecating the LinkedIn Windows mobile app on August 30, 2017. Members can still access LinkedIn from their mobile device via the mobile Web.
  • That's still not 100% it a UWP app that only runs on desktop or is it a centennial app?
  • Per my reply to my communicating with them this morning....
    Dan Throp Lancaster.... I contacted LinkedIn this morning, and they said that they don't have a timeframe for a new LinkedIn app, but they do have a mobile app team working on it. That sounds promising to me.
    Looks like a new UWP app is in development.
  • You assume they are talking about Windows?!
  • "A desktop app in a few weeks" coming from the company who owns the OS, who is also a developer, who also been asking fellow developers to write UWP Apps for his platform, CANNOT WRITE AN APP FOR A COMPANY/SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM WHO HAPPENS TO BE A PROPERTY OF THE SAME COMPANY.. smh... for once MS be a role model to other devs you've been asking to write UWP apps
  • Bravooooo.
  • You the real MVP!
  • People link the two companies too closely together in my opinion. This comment is a great example. Although MS bought LinkedIn they are still very much ran as distinct companies. LinkedIn will only build apps where it things it's useful. Same with when Office apps come to iPhone first, most of their business users must be on iOS. It may seem stupid to people but the various companies and departments aren't bothered about pushing W10M, or in some cases PC because it has no benefit to them
  • MS owns LinkedIn and therefore it is their choice what kind of app to develop for the Windows OS. So no UWP, if they are serious about the mobile OS, is inexcusable. That said, maybe this development says more about Windows 10 Mobile than it does about UWP.
  • And yet Mojang, developer of Minecraft, has been reported to be working on Minecraft Realms/Marketplace to unify users of the game across platforms, including Windows phones.  As Microsoft own both Mojang and Linked In, I don't see what the big deal is with expecting Microsoft-owned properties to support Microsoft's own platforms?
  • To anyone exploring these comment sections, in an ironic turn of events, I wanted to hit the thumbs up button and misclicked and hit the exclamation point.  Apologies to FROI and the moderation team.  Please disregard this report. Furthermore, I would like to go on record as saying I fully endorse this comment.  Microsoft makes it so hard to be a fan of their platforms sometimes.  I just can't figure it out.  I'd ask for a straight answer, but the filtered marketing responses we do get are just another slap in the face.
  • A desktop-only app for Windows 10 (Specifically Windows 10, not 7 or 8,1, so probably UWP). Microsoft again shows the power of UWP and why other developers should not care! I am so happy I switched to Android. I am glad I don't have to use products of a company which clearly doesn't seem to care about their customers and developers.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if its just a port of a x86 app...therefor never coming to their abandoned win phone platform
  • Which x86 app would they have ported? I don't recall ever seeing a LinkedIn desktop x86 program before. When Microsoft bought LinkedIn they said they were going to bring a Windows 10 desktop app to the store, but gave no timeline for such an app. I would think that this would be a UWP, but why should they create the app for Windows 10 mobile? It isn't a secret that Windows 10 mobile as it is now is a dead platform. It would make more sense for LinkedIn and Microsoft to hold off releasing a LinkedIn, or any new app, for mobile until they announce their new Windows on Mobile plan.
  • Well you could release a win32 centennial app through the store and just don't offer the MSI installer on your site. That would limit it to W10 despite there being no technical limitation. You would hope its a UWP and will run on Mobile but LinkedIn totally ****** up the messaging around this whole thing flip flipping back and forth. Just look at the whole Minecraft on W10M thing to see what typical messaging and communication is like from companies MS bought out
  • So...even Microsoft doesn't want to make a UWP app? They need to start leading by example.
  • Exactly
  • LinkedIn app for desktop is not as useful as a Mobile app would be. Right now, the website doesn't work properly in Edge for Mobile, the search bar never loads up keyboard.
  • On desktops? What about mobile?
  • UMP apps install on mobile and desktop.
  • Not necessarily. The developer must use specific code to allow the UWP to run on Mobile and other devices. As they clearly specified that an app for Windows Desktop is coming, we must assume the mobile version of this UWP will either be delayed or not developed at all.
  • Not necessarily 🙂 By default Mobile is supported and you have to make some changes to the manifest by hand to completely exclude mobile from running it. By default a new project runs on all platforms that support UWP. There is also the option in the store to simply untick the mobile device family of course even if your package technically supports it. You are right though that they said desktop in the email so it isn't coming to mobile right away regardless. It may never come, Netflix did similar, there is no UWP for Mobile
  • I've always heard the opposite, that some minor code changes would allow it to run nicely on Mobile. Well, we live and learn! But I must say, for them to specify Windows desktop app development on the way, a Mobile version of it is not being planned.
  • Can the desktop version be hacked to work on mobile?
  • Coming soon ™
  • A company that promotes UWP, cannot make a UWP app for the services and company that they themselves bought for tons of cash. Yep, everything is fine with that logic.
  • It is pathetic....
  • I actually used LinkedIn when I had a quality app on BlackBerry 10. I probably would use it again if I had easy mobile access. On desktop, I will inevitably install the app, but then probably never use it unless I get a notification from it.
  • Pin a website? Joking? To be honest all this seperate win32, UWP, Windows Phone or desktop app thing is getting really boring and meaningless. Just do a UWP app and let it work in all platforms (desktop, mobile, hololens and xbox) So hard?
  • UWP doesn't work on Windows 8 and older. That is quite a few machines, the vast majority of Windows machines.
  • not only you're retiring the app, but you're making a desktop app and not a UWP, that's ridiculous ... You spent 28 billions to buy LinkedIn, and you can't spend some time/money to develop a proper app for YOUR own OS, I can do it for you for free if you want.  thanks to Nadella and his mobile (not Windows) first, cloud first. Funny that you bought also Xamarin, how do you claim that other people/companies use Xamarin and develop also UWP if even you don't do it.
  • They haven't said what type of app it will be, could be a UWP for all we know. If so then they would be stupid not to allow it to run on phones.
  • Good to hear a new UMP app is on the way. No way it can be as terrible as the POS app we've been living with. 
  • LinkedIn is and always will be lame.
  • Maybe for you but for professionals it's great for connecting with others in the same field.
  • those who had been using the win8.1 app, their app was updated to the new version, but, it isn't available in the sister in law has the new one. well, I didn't see if it was the makeover of the 8.1 app, which is very unlikely., and also, it was similar to the screenshots of the new app I saw on Windows Central.
  • Rofl. Who the **** needs a desktop app when you got the website. Make a mobile app you tools!! Death of windows as a platform.
  • Seriously, that $26 billion was well spent...
  • WTF is LinkedIn?
  • I'm really confusing about Microsoft. There seams to me that there is zero communication or interests between departsment in the Microsoft land. They who works with developers communicate that UWP is what the future is, and using Xamarin is extremely smart. All others departments seams to live in 2010 and don't even have heard about UWP at all.
    Microsoft it's time to communicate internal that UWP is the only leagal way to create native apps for Windows now!
  • The majority of Windows machine do not run UWP apps. UWP isn't even popular on the machine that can run it. Microsoft is in a pickle!
  • This is the third time I've seen this information now. We know this, we don't need it repeat over and over again!!!!
  • Then why do you continue asking?
  • Microsoft: killing dreams one app at a time.
  • I got that email this morning.  I laughed when it said "Desktop app".  I'm assuming they actually mean "UWP App".  And if it is a UWP app, hopefully it runs on Win 10 Mobile.  
  • Microsoft drops the ball again!  This is Microsoft saying one thing and doing the complete opposite. (Palm To Face)
  • How will a desktop app be of value to users over the web page?
  • What a joke. I just got a Nokia 6 android phone to see if the grass If greener. It's moves like this (and walking into to a MS store asking to buy a phone and all they have is Android) that will for sure kill the mobile platform. MS get your house in order, or maybe it is and they are scared to tell us...
  • I do not understand this move. I am totally confused. Why kill this app and then only move to a Desktop App that is supplied through the store which needs to adapt to Window sizes/Screen resolutions anyway? What's the logic behind not making it available for mobile, xbox, holographic, but just desktop?
  • Not that interested in an app for LinkedIn - a bookmark in the browser works fine on a PC and gives the full site functionality, not just the sub-functions normally present in an app. What would be useful is a mobile app for catching up on groups, etc... The signal/noise ratio is disturbing on LinkedIn (more content isn't necessarily better there), so I'd be a LOT more likely to wade through it when I'm on my mobile while waiting for something vs. at my desk at work or home. Makes you wonder if this will be a UWP app? If not, wow, way to set an example, MS. Regardless, I'm kind of glad I finally bit the bullet and got rid of my Lumia 950. I never thought I'd say it, but my new iPhone 7 is a much better mobile experience despite the more constrained UI.
  • Once again, Microsoft doesn't actually care.  Why on earth would you need a LinkedIn desktop app?  Apps are largely a mobile necessity.  If I had the chance to get in Satya Nadella's face....
  • You'd be promptly escorted off the campus by security...😅
  • No Win10 Mobile App!
    Boycott Microsoft and Cancel your LinkedIn Membership!
  • Wow. Got to say I'm surprised. LinkedIn is apparently putting it's resources to the other 99.5% of the phone market, not entirely irrational. But still.
  • This just shows that they are moving away from Windows Mobile phones, next will be Windows 10 device that can also make phone calls.
  • How is "a desktop app replacement for a mobile app" smoothing things.... Some times I feel Windows Central becomes too soft to MS. I mean just say it is bad for Windows Phone users and fans. Why trying to cover it with a lame argument. 
  • For a variety of reasons they never do that!
    They always publish pro's articles not con's!
  • Facts not opinions, that is what THIS peanut gallery is for 🐵
  • The desktop app could be a testament for project Westminster! 😅
  • Hi!
  • I'm never gonna invest in Microsoft products again.
  • Oh cut the crap already. Who the F cares about an app on desktop?? This is simply pathetic, their own app retired from their own platform! what about now fanboys? do you like eating the crap Nadella is feeding you? winmo is dead! done! :))) even Ms retires their own app :)))) 
  • Jesus. Even *Microsoft* is dumping their Windows mobile apps.
  • They didn't have any change left after their $26 billion LinkedIn purchase to write a basic UWP app. Not regretting jumping ship. Enjoying my fully functional LinkedIn app on my Galaxy S8.
  • Dan Throp Lancaster.... I contacted LinkedIn this morning, and they said that they don't have a timeframe for a new LinkedIn app, but they do have a mobile app team working on it. That sounds promising to me.
  • Kinda useless on desktop. Since you got the full web site...
  • And Micro$oft keeps shooting itself in its own leg.
    Man, that leg already looks like Emmentaler!
  • Now, Microsoft didn't supports their own win10 mobile, As a fan, i feel so sad. But I need Linkedin. Please give a uwp linkedin