LinkedIn's new app for Windows 10 can be 'side loaded' for Mobile

LinkedIn (Image credit: Windows Central)

LinkedIn's app for Windows 10, which is a mix of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and a hosted web app, is still not available in the U.S. but is rolling out to parts of the world this week and into next.

The question of support for Mobile, however, was never evident. Now, Windows Blog Italy has either ripped the .appx file or found a mobile version of the wrapper (it's not very clear from their article).

LinkedIn's new app seems to run fine on Windows 10 Mobile.

The LinkedIn .appx file is wrapped in a .zip and can be downloaded through third-party host Mega. Assuming your device is enabled for Developer Mode (Settings > Update and security > For Developers > Enable developer mode) you can download and install the file to your Windows 10 Mobile device.

We can confirm that the file does work and surprisingly well too.

Caution: Downloading, installing and entering your password into an unverified non-Store app does pose a security risk. Therefore, we don't recommend doing so unless you accept the possible danger.

It is not clear if LinkedIn is planning to release this to the Store or enable the current version for Mobile download. In theory, the UWP hosted web app should work fine on Mobile, but the company is evidently doing a slow rollout of the app even for PC at first and may enable Mobile downloads later.

Either way, if you're stoked about checking your LinkedIn profile or getting those random messages, you now at least have a solution.

For PC users in some regions, you can try to grab the new Windows 10 version from the Store link below. For the Mobile .appx side load, follow the link to Windows Blog Italy for more.

Download LinkedIn from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino

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  • They have the same runtime... So it should be possible if the original app is a pure uwp app.
  • but then it's too much work to click a button and allow for mobile devices.
    Also it would look like MSFT actually cares about its phone business
  • MS doesn't have a public phone business right now.
  • They are well established in the phone business.
  • yes well established in the "phone failing business"
  • No.
  • history speaks louder than your answer. Almost every Windows mobile device released after Win CE6.5 has been a failure. All devices from 2008 to current day failed!
  • Depends how you measure failure. Sure, they didn't sell well.. But it has had more satisfied users than other platforms and they work so much better then the 83% that run android. That is more important to me as a customer.
  • FWIW, it's the same "updated" web-wrapper app that got removed from the mobile Store a few weeks ago. Notifications only work on PC, on mobile it's no different from pinning the website.
  • Yeah bro you are absolutely right.
  • I think it's time WC wrote a article or someone post code on how to create a web wrapper UWP app.
    We could all just insert our preferred sites with the site logo and bamm, we have all apps.
  • Yeah bro right. By the way good one.🤣
  • why not use the Windows App Studio to easily create apps? I've heard it's been moved to Visual Studio :)
  • This would be great considering I can't even buy anything on eBay through the phone. It insists on going back to the mobile checkout page (which sucks by the way) and won't accept the PayPal log in. WTF is the point in Edge asking what your preference is when it always goes to a mobile site first anyway?
  • Exactly, the new UWP version takes the same place in the store as the old WP app. So when they made the switch, the new UWP version was pushed as an update to everyone who had the old app on their phone. That was probably done by mistake as they later removed the mobile option from the store listing and made it a PC-only app. I see no reason for them to do this, since the only thing that is needed to make the new web wrapper run on mobile is for the website to be mobile friendly. And that should definitely be the case, since LinkedIn is recommending WP users to use their website instead of the app. It's almost as if they just want to rub it in: Windows on mobile is dead. No app for you! This is simply ridiculous on LinkedIn's part.
  • I got mobile wrapp when they pushed it out couple weeks back. Looks exactly the same. No people app or cal integrations.
  • Well they are actually Microsoft now so considering the way Mr Retrenchment feels about mobile this is no surprise.
  • I was using the wrapp and I was prompted on whether I wanted to download the app in order to browse profiles faster. Really??!
  • maybe because they were going to find ways to make the old one slower and worse.
    They would rather spend a million dollars to make it worse than to spend that money into their phone business
  • I was gonna say that it looks like the web wrap they put on my phone automatically when they discontinued the app. Wonder if my device was somehow a beta test?
  • It was a beta test to see how many would fall into their trap again.
  • Can you clarify? Would an LinkedIn email link in mobile phone open the app or the web site in the edge browser?
  • Edge.
  • it opens in edge which then proceeds to open Outlook mail. any link in the app will take you to edge and login for no apparent reason.
  • When I click a link in Outlook, the app opens momentarily (half a second) to show the log-in screen and then it jumps to the edge browser's log-in screen! Can a developer find a fix for this? it seems to be a small glitch.... is there a way to associate the Outlook email links to this app manually in the settings?
  • A crappy app for a buried system. At least, they are consistent.
  • So, what's exactly stopping Microsoft from putting this in the Store for Mobile? It doesn't seem like it requires too much work.
  • Because doing that might make it look like they actually care about their own Mobile OS. Can't have that happen.
  • Lol. Could be that no-one at Seattle actually use LinkedIn.
    Except for nuttela who wrote a couple billion cheque to buy the useless company.
  • MSFT is after the data and tools that LinkedIn has which can be brought into Delve, AzureAD, and PowerBI
  • Has anyone noticed that today is Windows 10's anniversary of release?
  • No, we all scrambling to adjust with the Mobile times to clap.
  • Oh did you say Windows Mobile anniversary? Like it has been around for a long time...
    6.5 to 7 to 7.5 to 7.8 to 8 to 8.1 to 10
  • Longer than iPhone and droid put together.
  • That is exactly the same as what I already have on my 950XL, that means if they stop that from working as well then they are talking BS!!!
  • we really don't know what they plan on doing until they speak up.
  • Well, remember the update they rolled out to LinkedIn users that had the app installed on W10M. That was basically this web wapper, so IF and that is a big IF, the desktop app can be sideloaded on Mobile then that just proves that they are artificially restricting Mobile from having this app.
  • What they have done with this app its giving me a curiosity about other apps that are not in Windows 10 Mobile
  • Hahaha... "If you're stoked..." Made me lol.
  • This is wrong on so many levels.
  • Where is the APPX? The steps are unclear.
  • The appx is inside the zip file and puzzles me why? It is stupid because the appx is 40k and the zip is 65k in size! The zip file is:
    WBI -
    What is a good unzip app for w10 mobile?
    Update: Here are the steps:
    1) change your setting to Developer mode if not already.
    2) download the zip file from the Italian Blog site. scroll down till you see the blue color link "LinkedIn - Download | Win 10, Win 10 Mobile".
    3) click on the takes you to Mega Cloud site.
    4) if you already have a Mega cloud which is free for 5 GB storage, you log in to its site.
    5) if you don't have Mega, sign up for it. that is the only way to download.
    6) Then a popup screen ask you to download or save. select download and save it in your phone download folder.
    7) Unzip the zip file.
    8) Use Storage app to access the Download folder and then click on the unzip appx file. The app would be silently installed on your phone!
  • 8 unzip lite
  • Couldn't find it in Store!
  • Here is the link
  • Thanks GV!
  • I bought full version of 8Zip. I liked using it on PC so I installed on mobile as well.
  • WinZip is a UWP app on phones and PC
  •  Somehow my old linked in app got updated to the web wrapper version on my Lumia 950. It works fine.
  • Its decent I like it. Thank you.
  • Wow what a great news.. So an article has to be written to give instructions on how to go an extra mile to install a web wrapper if you are into their own platform.. Good job Satya..
  • Yet the web wrapper for LinkedIn is actually pretty decent so how about trying it first.
  • Yes, its decent but if its works on mobile, its something stupid that we have to rely on an external source and a tutorial to download and install an app that works in their own mobile platform...
  • I don't know why everyone is so pent up with this. LinkedIn is a business app and Windows 10 mobile is a mobile operating platform that it's owner, Microsoft is specifically targeting at ........ oh wait!
  • Anyone can join LinkedIn, I did while I was looking for work due to the job listings.
  • LinkedIn will go the way Skype and GroupMe have gone - left alone in a dark corner...abandoned yet still alive...and utterly useless in a couple of years.
  • I have tried 'Link for Linkedin' app today and it's a great app for my Lumia 950XL
  • isn't that just a news app?
  • No it isn't.
  • Ha ha. Poor Windows Mobile users have to jump through hoops to get this web wrapper.
  • and someday Linkedin will also discontinue their Android and Blackberry apps
  • Discontinue their Android app? :))) wtf are you, delusional or high on whatever you've got there.. :)))
  • face it, Web apps are becoming more powerful and less costly than running a separate app for every platform
  • With web wrappers maybe Microsoft could just "wrap" all kinds of websites. 
  • the option to have websites show notifications and have their own live tiles is already present in Edge (for Windows 10) and Internet Explorer 11 (in WP8)
  • I still wish LinkedIn would fix their website so that the keyboard wasn't broken on Windows 10 Mobile... because without that being fixed we'll have no way other than this sideloading to access it soon.
  • It works on the Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL, Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro, and HP Elite x3
  • So on my Lumia 950XL, login to LinkedIn via Edge, tap on 'search for people, jobs' and try to type something in there. The keyboard keeps appearing, then disappearing making it impossible to Search for anything.
  • Thanks, that's the exact issue that I'm having as well!
  • Hi Rohan. wow, you have all those devices? Are they all on an insider preview? Everyone that has a Windows 10 mobile that I've spoken to (admittedly not a huge number of people) has had this issue, but I'm hoping that MSFT has it fixed in a future update. I'm curious to know!
  • I only have the Microsoft Lumia 950. My friends have the HP Elite x3, Lumia 950XL, and Alcatel IDOL 4S (W10).
    We are all on the production release builds
  • Wow...Download now gạch bông gió
  • is there a similar way for the soundcloud beta app?
  • :))) Microshit style...Pathetic!
  • The fact that an app needs to be sidelaoded is a fail of the store. MS pushes UWP apps, but doesn't use then themselves. Inconceivable!