LinkedIn for Windows 10

LinkedIn's app for Windows 10, which is a mix of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and a hosted web app, is still not available in the U.S. but is rolling out to parts of the world this week and into next.

The question of support for Mobile, however, was never evident. Now, Windows Blog Italy has either ripped the .appx file or found a mobile version of the wrapper (it's not very clear from their article).

LinkedIn's new app seems to run fine on Windows 10 Mobile.

The LinkedIn .appx file is wrapped in a .zip and can be downloaded through third-party host Mega. Assuming your device is enabled for Developer Mode (Settings > Update and security > For Developers > Enable developer mode) you can download and install the file to your Windows 10 Mobile device.

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We can confirm that the file does work and surprisingly well too.

Caution: Downloading, installing and entering your password into an unverified non-Store app does pose a security risk. Therefore, we don't recommend doing so unless you accept the possible danger.

It is not clear if LinkedIn is planning to release this to the Store or enable the current version for Mobile download. In theory, the UWP hosted web app should work fine on Mobile, but the company is evidently doing a slow rollout of the app even for PC at first and may enable Mobile downloads later.

Either way, if you're stoked about checking your LinkedIn profile or getting those random messages, you now at least have a solution.

For PC users in some regions, you can try to grab the new Windows 10 version from the Store link below. For the Mobile .appx side load, follow the link to Windows Blog Italy for more.

Download LinkedIn from the Windows Store

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