Liquid Daffodil slashes prices of select Windows Phone apps. Free for limited time.

The folks at Liquid Daffodil have decided to throw three of their Windows Phone apps on sale. The fan appreciation offer, titled "3-4-Free" includes the apps Cumulotweetus, Nate & Frenchy's Random Axe and Add to Contacts. The trio will be available for free over the next 24 hours. Being the developing power behind the likes of glƏƏk!, Liquid Daffodil is a popular name that many consumers follow for top quality apps.

So what are the apps on offer? Add to Contacts is a useful little app, enabling users to access Local Scout and local search results when browsing contacts and add to listings. It expands each contacts card as well as providing connectivity for localised services. It should be noted that you may need to ensure "Suggestions" is activated for Add to Contacts to show up in the app list when using Local Scout on Windows Phone 8.

See the video below of it in action.

Cumulotweetus enables users to create "Tweet Clouds" that share content from a timeline (as well as another user's public profile) and mentions from a connected account. An imaginative take on the Twitter social service, and is also a secondary feature of glƏƏk!‏ but sport more control and functionality. Should you wish to take the clouds further, be sure to check out Cumulotweetus.

Nate & Frenchy's Random Axe is a random generation tool for Windows Phone. The app can randomly generate facts, insults, numbers, passwords, locations, weather and even tweets to publish online. As a novelty app it "evaluates your hairstyle" when pressing on the designated areas, but the results are pretty neat.

So where can you pick up the apps that are currently listed for free?

As mentioned up above, you can pick up the apps for free for the next 24 hours, so be sure to head on over to the Windows Phone Store and download 'em.

QR: Add to Contacts

QR: Cumulotweetus

QR: Nate & Frenchy's Random Axe

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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