List of tech gadgets to help you survive the summer

The summer is here and, wow, if you live in certain places the heat is really turning up. If you're a frequent PC user either at home or at work, particularly in a country where air conditioning isn't prevalent, things can get rather toasty. There is a range of useful gadgets out there to help you survive the heat, thankfully, and we've rounded up some of the best we're using this summer.

Beat the heat

If I had to recommend just a couple of products on this list, I'd go for the Keynice USB fan first and foremost. Having a versatile lightweight fan can not only help you keep cool, but it can also be useful for cooling down your devices. The Surface Pro and Book laptops from Microsoft, for example, have their CPU in the back of the display.

I actually picked up a USB fan specifically to keep the back of my Surface Book 2 cool during gaming to prevent throttling in the European heatwave. Having a fan blowing across the back of your device can help prevent it from throttling in warmer climates.

The Gourmia Mini Cooler also has some great reviews on Amazon. If you have space for it on or near your desk (10-by-7.2-by-11 inches) it's a surefire easy way to keep your drinks refreshingly cool while remaining at arm's length.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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