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Ff14 Viera Group (Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy XIV has become one of the most popular MMORPGs out now, even temporarily selling out due to demand. With the fourth expansion pack, Endwalker, releasing this November, there's never been a better time to play. And while Final Fantasy XIV might be one of the most accessible MMORPGs out, players are on their own for what might be the hardest decision in the game — character customization! Like any good MMORPG, many different races are available for players to tweak their character to their liking. To make your decision a little easier, we've put together a list of all the races in Final Fantasy XIV.



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The Hyur are the human race of Final Fantasy XIV and probably the most common race you'll encounter during your time in Eorzea. Compared to the others, Hyurs have an average physique, both in terms of height and build. If you decide to go the Hyur route, you'll have to choose one of two races.


The Midlander clan comprises over half of Eorzea's total Hyur population. While the name derives from the clan's long tradition of settling in low-lying regions, in truth Midlanders hail from a wide variety of ancestral homelands.


The Highlanders haul from the mountains of Gyr Abania. Compared to Midlanders, the Highlanders are larger and muscular. Many Highlanders have sought refuge in Ul'dah, following the fall of their ancestral homeland of Ala Mhigo.



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The Miqo'te are, in short, the cat people of Final Fantasy XIV, easily distinguished by their large, projecting ears and restless, feline tails. Instinctual territoriality causes many among them to lead solitary lifestyles. They often live their lives in the Sargolii Desert.

Seekers of the Sun

Seekers of the Sun worship Azeyma the Warden with their culture revolving around the sun. Pupils of Seeker of the Sun can be identified by their tan skin and wider ears with thicker hair than their Moon worshiping brethren.

Keepers of the Moon

Keepers of the Moon Miqo'te pledge their allegiance to Menphina the Lover and sport darker fur and skin, larger ears, rounder eyes, more pronounced canines, and longer, skinnier tails. They also have a custom of applying war paint to their faces, as they believe the vivid colors grant lunar powers.



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The Elezen race consists of tall, slender people, similar to that of elves. A proud race, the Elezen were once the only race in Eorzea, but since the Hyurs moved in, there's been a bitter rivalry between the two races. Despite that, they maintain a steady, if sometimes rocky peace between them.


The Wildwood Elezen hail from the forests of the Black Shroud. Adept at archery, many Wildwood Elezen are fond of law and order, and are drawn to cosmopolitan city-states and urban centers.


The Duskwight Elezen prefer seclusion, making the caves and caverns of Eorzea their home, developing acute senses of smell and hearing over the years. Adept in hand-to-hand combat, the Duskwight sport darker skin tones and despise urban environments.



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The Roegadyn are a massive and muscular people, descended from a maritime people that roamed the northern seas. The fiercely competitive Roegadyn are also known for their compassion and unswerving loyalty.

Sea Wolves

As their name may imply, The Sea Wolves hail from the islands of the far north seas, where they subsist as fishermen. Often employed as sailors and navy mercenaries, they make up a substantial portion of the population of Limsa Lominsa.


Hailing from the volcanoes of Abalathia's Spine, the Hellsguard have no city to call their own, but they are often found in many city-states, working the forges throughout Eorzea.



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The Lalafell are known for their rotund, childlike features, and tiny physiques. Despite their size, they are an agricultural people, and are one of the more welcoming races in Eorzea, opening trade routes with just about anyone willing and able.


The Plainsfolk have made the flatlands of La Noscea their home for many years, though it is not uncommon to come across them in other urban centers. Their distinct hair colors mimic their native environment, and their skin tones tend generally toward the fairer, lighter side.


Dunesfolk are the founders of the city of Ul'dah, but hail from, the scorching deserts of Thanalan. A race adept at mercantilism, they typically make their homes and business on the backs of a beast of burden.

Au Ra


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Introduced in the Heavensward expansion pack, the Au Ra are distinguished by their curved horns and intricate scales along with their bodies. Some say they're the descendants of dragons, but this claim is often disputed by scholars. The Au Ra themselves believe they are descended from a Dawn Father and a Dusk Mother.


The Raen believe their veins to run thick with the blood of the Dawn Father, the Auri elder god of the sun. The Raen have embraced a life of tranquility and solitude, settling into the valleys of Othard's mountainous eastern reaches.


The Xaela believe they are descendants of the Dawn Mother, Nhaama. The Xaela are free spirits who roam Aziz Steppe in small, close knit-tribes, hunting, gathering, and warring.



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The Hrothgar, introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion, are a burly, lion-like race. The Hrothgar are a male-only race in Final Fantasy XIV, though female Hrothgar do exist. Though they are similar to the Miqo'te, they are more animalistic in appearance. Originally misunderstood when arriving in Eorzea, they've since mastered the common tongue and are welcome in city-states and settlements through the land.


The Helion live under a singular matriarchal rule, their lives revolving around their queen. The warm color of their fur represents the warmth of their queen.

The Lost

The Lost are a Hrothgar nomadic clan known to undertake many trade professions, from peddlers to mercenaries. They're hesitant to take up occupations that restrict their traveling. Their cold fur is said to be a symbol of their independent nature, driving them away from the warm embrace of their queen.



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First introduced in Final Fantasy XII, the Viera are a race of, well, bunny people. Tall, slender, with two long rabbit-ears at the top of their head, the Viera were introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion, and like the Hrothgar, they are a gender-locked class, though the male Viera will be added in the upcoming Endwalker expansion.


The Rava Viera in Golmore Jungle live under a strict code that forbids them from interacting with the outside world unless absolutely necessary.


The Veena Viera of the Skatay Range are more open to venturing to the outside world and have pale skin and lighter fur than their Rava counterparts.

Define yourself

These are all the races available to players in Final Fantasy XIV. Remember, you'll need to own Heavensward and Shadowbringers to be able to access the Au Ra, Viera, or Hrothgar races. Unlike jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, which can be swapped on the fly, changing your race requires a Fantasia, which costs real-world money, so be sure you consider your choices before making a decision.

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