LittleBits announces three new Inventor Kits that are all available now

LittleBits first debuted in 2011 with the intent of helping kids learn how to code, create, and express themselves through technology. Today, the company announced threw new Inventor Kits it's adding to its lineup to give kiddos even more ways to explore the worlds of STEM and STEAM.

The first new bundle is the Base Inventor Kit. For just $99.99, you'll get more than 12 different activities and the companion Inventor App that guides users through the things they can create — such as a robotic gripper arm that's controlled via voice control.

For that same $99.99 price, you can also pick up the Electronic Music Inventor Kit. This kit allows your kids (or you) to build a "rockin' synth guitar" or other instruments, like hands-free air drums and more. Lastly, the Space Rover Inventor Kit comes with 30+ activities and allows you to build a variety of space-themed vehicles. This kit costs $199.99.

All three of the new kits are available for purchase now!

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Joe Maring