Live Lock Screen is an app published by the Microsoft Corporation for devices running Windows Phone 8.1 or later. The app's developer is Rudy Huyn, who utilizes new APIs developed by Microsoft. The Live Lock Screen app arrived as an public beta on Friday, July 25 2014.

Live Lock Screen creates a dynamic lock screen experience that allows the creation and utilization of unique clocks. The app contains six different clock designs and lets the user select from various backgrounds, including images part of the app or the device's photo library. Background images are rotatable on set intervals ranging from one to twelve hours, daily or never.

Since Live Lock Screen is technically an app, it needs to "run" each time a user turns on their phone's display. During this time, it also snaps a low-quality screenshot of the Start screen to simulate the unlocking process when a user slides the lock up. A side effect of this process is lag in performance when compared to the default, native lock screen. However, as the beta progress, performance should improve. Live Lock Screen is compatible with 512 MB Windows Phones, although performance is not as good as those devices with 1 GB or more.

Starting with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, developers should have access to the APIs from Microsoft, enabling them to create third-party dynamic Lock Screen apps for the Store.