Some more Windows Phone Central wallpapers (and a mini contest)

You think I’m just going to sit idly by and let Rich have all the fun with wallpapers? Not a chance. Here are some similar wallpapers to the ones he did the other day, but I would wager raise the bar on minimalism. Just our kickass Windows Phone Central logo set to the background color of your choice.

The focus for this set was simplicity. The logo is white to match the system tray up top and the date/time text. That handsome logo is set to a background that matches your system accent color. My favorite is cyan, but I’m boring like that.

You can grab Rich’s wallpapers from here or mine right here. Both rock and will eventually be added to the wallpaper section of our Windows Phone app.

Mini contest

Here’s the deal, take a picture of your phone with one of our wallpapers (either Rich’s or mine) set as your Lockscreen image. Then send us that image as a tweet to our official @wpcentral Twitter account. Do that and we’ll randomly pick one of you for a $25 gift card to the Windows Phone Central Store.

(Mini update) Here is another set where the logo is a little smaller and moved up higher, that way your text shouldn't cover it if you've got calendar info. And if that still isn't enough there is an Adobe Illustrator file where you can customize the colors and do what you want with it. I also threw in a black one since a few folks pinged me about wanting black. Also we'll pick someone on Monday for the gift card. Don't worry if you don't win, we're going to have a lot more 'mini contests' like this going forward. Finally, for some reason if you preview the image in SkyDrive the quality looks lower than it is if you download it. Speaking of downloading, if you want them all at once just click 'download folder' under the 'folder actions' menu on the top bar in SkyDrive. 

Neat right? Hope you enjoy them and be sure to comment about future ideas for wallpapers you'd like to see. What do you think about having a future contest where we accept submissions from the community?

Sam Sabri