Livelock will see futuristic machines fight each other on the Xbox One and PC in 2016

Fans of top-down shooters should be on the lookout for Livelock. The futuristic-themed game was announced by publisher Perfect World Entertainment, and will be released in 2016 for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms.

The game is being developed by Canada-based Tuque Games. This is the first "buy-to-play" game from Perfect World; they normally release online "free-to-play" MMOs such as Neverwinter and Star Trek Online. Here's the quick breakdown of Livelock:

"Livelock transports players into the 22nd century, the age of the machine. Nearly a century after the cataclysm, humanity is on the brink of survival. Clusters - groups of corrupted machines control what remains of the earth, fighting each other in an infinite war over resources that now threatens the very planet itself. Players take control of a Capital Intellect, a human consciousness uploaded to large mechanical body. Armed with a unique arsenal of weapons and special abilities, the Capital Intellect must fight the corrupted machine Clusters and break the cycle of an infinite war, before humanity is forgotten in the annals of history."

Source:Perfect World Entertainment

John Callaham
  • Oh boy, for a moment I thought that was about Live Lockscreen. Idk why.
  • Me too. And the Picture also looks like LiveLockscreen's analogue clock in PC. :p but after reading the post I realize. Lol its a game.
  • Looks like my kind of game.
  • Damn, I misread the title as something regarding the live lock screen app....
  • At first glance, I thougt it was a game about fighting off Identity Theft...
  • Aww, lame. At first, I was hoping we would be getting something to fill the gap long left open by the loss of MechAssault, one of the first Xbox LIVE games. I miss that, the closest we seem to ever get is playing in that Mantis vehicle in Halo. I'd sure like another true mech game of that nature, not this skinned top-down shooter.
  • That was a fun series. So was Crimson Skies. I'd like a MechAssualt on the One too.