Logitech agrees to acquire Streamlabs for approximately $89 million

What you need to know

  • Logitech has agreed to acquire Streamlabs for approximately $89 million.
  • Streamlabs makes Streamlabs OBS, a popular piece of streaming software.
  • Logitech makes several accessories and peripherals that streamers use to share content.

Logitech has agreed to acquire Streamlabs for approximately $89 million. The acquisition is focused on building Logitech's gaming offering. Logitech makes several pieces of hardware used by game streamers, including mice, keyboards, headphones, and speakers. Streamlabs makes the popular live streaming app Streamlabs OBS. Logitech and Streamlabs have worked in partnership for the last two years.

Ujesh Desai, General Manager and Vice President of Logitech G shared how the companies fit together

We've been fans of Streamlabs and their software since we started partnering with them over two years ago. Their industry-leading software is complementary to our existing gaming portfolio, and we believe we can do even greater things together.

According to the Streamlabs website, 70 percent of Twitch users use Streamlabs, totaling more than 15 million users. The site also states that the average income of users increases by 30 percent. Streamlabs OBS is a popular game streaming application that helps users to start streaming quickly. Streamlabs has over 40 applications that you can gain access to with a prime membership.

According to the Logitech news post outlining the acquisition, Logitech will acquire Streamlabs for $89 million in cash and an additional payment of $29 million in Logitech stock "subject to the achievement of significant revenue growth targets for Streamlabs."

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