Logitech launches affordable Bluetooth mouse and keyboard combo

Logitech has launched a new Bluetooth mouse and keyboard for those who require wireless peripherals for mobile use. Ideal solutions for hardware without a physical mouse/trackpad and keyboard, the new Logitech K380 keyboard and M535 mouse bring some interesting features to the table, as well as being affordable.

The K380 wireless keyboard is a thin and stylish package available in black and blue. Support is included for Windows 10, Mac, Android, and more. Since the keyboard can be paired with multiple devices, it's possible to quickly switch between paired hosts by hitting a single button.

The keyboard will remember mapped keys for different devices to provide a familiar experience with known shortcuts loaded (cut, copy, and paste for example). Logitech states that the K380 can power through up to two years of use from two AAA batteries.

Buy the Logitech K380 Bluetooth Keyboard for $39.99 (opens in new tab) (£34.99)

Alongside the Bluetooth keyboard is the M535 wireless mouse, which also shares the same feature to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices. The mouse has a programmable navigation button located just below the scroll wheel, which will enable owners to switch through apps, change desktops, carry out functions, and more. It's also stated the M535 works on most surfaces.

Buy the Logitech M535 Bluetooth Mouse for $39.99 (opens in new tab) (£34.99)

Via: Neowin

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Download Logitech keyboard?
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  • Cute keyboard and nice colors.
  • /purchased
  • OK, I got an awesome slim, Samsung bluetooth keyboard in the box on ebay for $0.01 (perfect match for my Samsung Slate 7 tablet) and a Gaming Microsoft blue-tooth mouse for $12... both in mint shape, I guess I willl keep what I have :) They are "cute" for what they are....
  • They advertising coffee as well