Logitech's SmartDock will make starting your Skype for Business meetings a breeze

Logitech has announced the SmartDock, its new videoconferencing device built for Skype for Business. Built as a collaboration with Microsoft, the Logitech SmartDock is meant to provide a quick and easy way for companies to connect for meetings via video calls.

From Logitech:

With Logitech SmartDock, people can start meetings on time with one-touch join, then instantly project to the display in the room and share to remote participants via their Skype for Business clients on a smartphone or laptop. The Skype Room System also includes the ability to place or join an audio-only call.

Logitech says that the SmartDock also sports both HDMI in and out, three USB 3.1 ports and a gigabit ethernet port. The unit also packs a motion-detecting sensor that allows it to automatically activate when there's motion in the room, but turn off when the room empties.

As for availability, the Logitech SmartDock is set to go on sale sometime later this year for $599 on its own. The SmartDock will also be available in different packages bundled with a Surface Pro 4 and other Logitech accessories.

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  • Wow, that must have been one of the best commercials I've seen lately. Love how they can make it funny while still keeping it classy enough for a business product. Any other company would probably just have made a boring, sterile ad with a narrator listing features over the sound of royalty-free music.
  • Totally agree
  • i have no idea what the product they're trying to sell, or what it does.   commercial FAIL big time.   horrible ad.
  • After watching it, yep, totally agree. Show the solution not the problem!
  • While I still think it was a great ad, I do agree that they could have spared a few seconds at the end to explain how the SmartDock solves the presented problem.
  • I agree with showing the solution and not the problem, but they did show the problem very accurately haha. I've been in that situation in some businesses before unfortunately - Including somebody saying "let's just do it from my phone" hehe, that did make me chuckle
  • It definitely doesn't explain the product well at all lol. However, it would be a great video to show during a stage announcement of the product in which you then explain and demo the product. As a standalone advert it's not good
  • Advert is so bad, at least show the deck working and less of the cheesy acting
  • The more interesting news here is the fact we will see a Skype for Business UWP... And according to the Ignite session, it will be fully featured.
  • I didn't get to watch all of Ignite, only certain bits and I missed this info re: S4B UWP. Can't wait for that. Any links to news on it you would recommend checking out? Also did they mention timescales in the Ignite session?
  • I don't have a link but it was in the Voice Collaboration break out on Monday morning... Specifically while they were talking about Skype Rooms and these tablets.
  • Can't wait. I really wanted there to be a great UWP app experience for the Elite X3 launch....but as long as it happens I'll be made up
  • Now now now that was really very funny Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Would have preferred to have seen more of the actual PRODUCT!