Logitech's Universal Folio turns any tablet into a laptop

Getting a keyboard case to go with your tablet is a lot harder than it really needs to be sometimes. Logitech's latest creation is here to put a stop to that. The Universal Folio is exactly as it sounds, available to use with any tablet on any platform.

That's good for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it means Windows folks aren't left out in the cold or resigned to buying either a very expensive or a cheap low-quality keyboard. Cases like this for the iPad are pretty common, so it's awesome to see Logitech hasn't forgotten the Windows crowd.

The other good thing about it being universal is that you can take it with you should you ever decide to buy an iPad or an Android tablet. Just like Microsoft's mobile keyboards, there should be no need to keep swapping out your favorite accessories all the time just to get a new device.

The Universal Folio is designed to hold 9 and 10-inch tablets and the battery life is rated at an insane two years, based on two hours of use every day. That's a lot of typing. The corners adjust to hold different sized tablets safe and sound, and there's even a pen loop attached for your digital scribbler.

Best of all it's very affordable. This combined case, tablet stand and keyboard will only set you back $59.99, which represents excellent value. And it's available now.

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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