Logoarama gets another update, adds over a hundred logos

Logoarama has been a rather busy Windows Phone game with regards to being updated. Not too long ago, the logo identifying game was updated giving the game a significant facelift and more logos. It was recently updated once again, taking the game to version 1.4.

The update adds 120 logos to the game, bringing the total number of logos you have to identify to 480. You also get the ability to share the game on Facebook and Twitter as well as the option to display the names to logos you've already identified.  For those not familiar, Logoarama presents you with various product/service logo and it's your job to identify them.

Oh... one more important feature of the update is that in celebrating reaching 30,000 downloads the game is being offered for free. The free offer will only last a few days so if you like trivia games, it might be the time to give Logoarama a try.

You can find Logoarama here at (opens in new tab) the Windows Phone Marketplace. Once the free promotion ends, Logoarama will return to it's original pricing of $.99.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Niice! There is even WPCentral logo inside! :D
  • i love it. the new ones are hard for europeans though but its ok.
    The only thing i miss, is swipe trough right and left to switch between stages. I don't like using the backbutton all the time.
  • woohoo, yup its an all around awesome game. loving all the updates!
  • Clearly for geeks given the ammount of tech related companies, but not a ploblem. I am one. :) It's actually pretty fun.
  • What's with all these logo games?!
    The indie community is a weird bunch, not popping on their parade, but they have seriously good press for innovating, and facial hair, but they also copy each other rather shamelessly.
  • That's not limited to the 'indie community'. Copying each other is in all industries, communities etc and has been that way for thousands of years.
  • So before this free period im using the trial but now since its free, am I automatically in the free version? As in once the free period ended, im still in the trial version? Or the full version?
  • I'd uninstall the trial and redownload it just to be safe. Or at least go to the marketplace and see if says update. I had the trial before and got rid of it once I figured out everything it gave me. Good thing I actually read the article and found out it was free. Normally im just like hmmm another app was updated and move on. Whoo! Thanks WPCentral!