Elite Dangerous Beyond: Chapter One expansion launches this month

Today, Frontier Developments announced that Elite: Dangerous' latest expansion, Beyond: Chapter One, will launch on February 27, 2018. The finished Chapter One will be available for free to all Elite: Dangerous players on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. The game supports Xbox One X so it should look even better on Microsoft's new console with the upcoming changes. If you love space simulators in which you can practically do anything you want, then be sure to give this one a go. Elite: Dangerous is supremely rewarding even though it takes dozens of hours to master.

Chapter One advances the ongoing player-driven narrative and introduces a variety of gameplay enhancements, upgrading the experience whether players prefer to trade, fight or explore in Elite: Dangerous' massively multiplayer galaxy. Going beyond the Thargoid alien attack of last season, Chapter One enhances the existing gameplay experience by bringing a host of new content for commanders to enjoy while they cruise the galaxy.

Aside from changes to the engineering mechanics, mission rewards, and the crime system, the game's visuals are also getting an upgrade. The developer has reworked the planet rendering technology in its game engine. This should result in more realistic and beautiful graphics especially when it comes to approaching planets. In Chapter One, vibrant surface colors better reflect planetary geological properties. Hopefully these enhancements will be noticeable even to the untrained eye.

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  •   I just don't get why many feel there is a huge learning curve.  I came to the game knowing literally nothing about it save that it was a first-person space sim w/an open universe.  Within the first week I figured out how to earn credits and buy a bigger, more capable ship. By the end of the month I had figured out enough and explored enough to acquire a ship more appropriate for exploring and then spent the three months afterward exploring and cataloging systems on the way to the Colonia systems closer to galactic center. I mean, honestly, there's so much you CAN do in the game that, I'd agree, to MASTER it would take a long time.  But to get to an enjoyable level really  takes no time at all.   The thing about this game is it's much less of a game than it is an alternate life.  There is no "winning the game".  Just like there's no "winning" life.  You decide what you will do in this virtual world to make a living.  You can be as ambitious, agressive, wreckless as you want to.  You manage your money, you acquire ships, cargo, materials, etc. in order to achieve what you want.  I'm not a competitive person. So, choosing to be a pirate or bounty hunter or battle other factions for control of systems doesn't interest me.  I'm not big on trading resources and materials between system or mining for them for the same purpose.  I like to explore.  So, that's largely what I do.  I learn things along the way and supplement my income with a smidgeon of bounty hunting (low threat types, naturally), but mostly exploring. You absolutely can play this game very superficially.  Or, you can really get into the weeds and learn how the Background System (aka, BgS) works and engage in activities (from combat missions to trading missions to you-name-it) that actually can affect what's happening in the background.  That kind of involvement does take some studying and practice.   And, if you've got a VR rig, ED is all the more impressive.  I actually get motion sickness when I'm driving the SRV on the surface of moons/planets (so I now take Dramamine for this).  I will tell you, though, you're foolish if you don't just go ahead and bite the bullet and get the full game including the Horizons piece.  Horizons allows you to land on moons and planets, which 3.0 that's about to be released begins to ehance.  The big update coming in the fall will update that on steroids.   But it's really not difficult to get started, in my opinion.  Visit YouTube.
  • Thanks for that explanation ScubaDog. Thus game has really interested me, but it's not the learning curve that scares me, it's the time consumption. I just wish i had more time to play (and much less of a backlog).
  • I just bought this game on its last sale about 2 weeks ago and I went through the learning tutorials and that is enough for me. I can play fairly well. I have to admit it is complex if your not a gamer at all. I did watch a YouTube video also. But I play in VR on Oculus on a xbox controller. The only complain I have is it seems to be very hard or complex to maneuver the ship or turn to fight multiple targets at once. But its said you really need a HOTAS for this game and also I dont have a lot of time put in yet. Xbox controller might not be the way to go and plus I am in the starter ship. But the tutorial has a advanced part in it where you attack like 4 ships at once and it is utterly ridiculously hard and impossible to kill them all. Tutorials usually dont make it impossible, its a tutorial..
  • I'm not nearly an expert on combat since that's not the play style I prefer, but I will tell you that you need to learn how to fight by strategically turnning Flight Assist off and on.  When you turn off FA you can change your ship's attitude much faster because your main thrust vectoring isn't forcing a longer turn. Just realize that what ever direction you're going when you turn FA off, that's the direction momentum will continue to carry your ship even if turn 180 degrees arround -- in other words, it's much more realistic to how things move in space.  Look up some YouTube videos on flying with FA off.  It's well worth it!
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