The Long Dark teases 'Vigilant Flame' survival mode update

The Long Dark's survival mode is about to get longer and darker. Developer Hinterland Games today teased an upcoming survival mode update called "Vigilant Flame," which is set for a full reveal tomorrow, June 14.

So far, all we have to go off of is the teaser image. However, it's likely Vigilant Flame will introduce a new area to explore, along with its own threats to your survival.

The Long Dark is a true survival experience that places players in a fight for their lives against the elements and unruly wildlife. Throughout the game, you're tasked with simply trying to survive amid the demanding obstacles that come with from within the wilderness. The game features some added flavor from a deep crafting system, along with dynamic day, night, and weather cycles that will impact how you approach each situation in which you find yourself.

It's unclear which platforms will see this update first. In the past, Steam has been first in line for updates, while the Xbox One and Windows 10 updates have come a little later. However, we'll find out much more about what to expect when Vigilant Flame is revealed tomorrow.

For now, you can check out The Logn Dark on your platform of choice for $29.99.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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