A look at the Treo Pro bootloader

We were pretty sure that HTC was the manufacturer for the Treo Pro even before it was confirmed. Here's a little more inside baseball.

TreoProTricks has published the key sequence to enter the bootloader, which is the gateway into the bowels of the phone. When we talk about applying rom updates on an HTC device, the bootloader's where the action is. There we learn a few things:

  1. The HTC codename for the Treo Pro is PANT100, presumably for "Panther." (The Treo 750 is "Cheetah.")
  2. The Treo Pro is, in fact, a full-on HTC device with the Palm branding and customizations, as was the Treo 750.
  3. If you can get to the bootloader, it's a huge step toward loading custom roms.

The bootloader is not a toy (he types as he shakes his finger). And you can't just load any rom onto your phone — there are a few security checkpoints in place. But once/if the folks at the various Treo hackery sites get up and running, we could see some very cool things in the Treo Pro's future.

WC Staff