Lost Odyssey can now be played on the Xbox One, but only if you have the disc

Microsoft updated its list of Xbox 360 games that can be played on the Xbox One via its backwards compatibility feature today. The latest update includes the classic fantasy RPG Lost Odyssey, but that game is only available in disc form.

Yes, Lost Odyssey is one of the few games on the list that is not available digitally via the Xbox Store. The development of the 2008 fantasy RPG from developer Mistwalker was headed up by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakuguchi and published by Microsoft on four discs. If you want the game Amazon is currently selling a new copy for $78 98, or you can get a used version for a much cheaper price

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The other two new additions on the list include the movie-based family game Toy Story 3 and Guwange, a Japanese top-down shooter from developer and publisher CAVE.

John Callaham