Remember when we covered the BBC coverage of Windows Phone (among other platforms) aiding in the battle against vandalism, fly-tipping and more? Well we're back with another video going into slightly more depth about Love Clean Streets and Windows Azure working together.

Councils across the UK as well as boroughs in London can make use of this technology to provide the public with some power with alerting appropriate authorities for quick responses in keeping Britain streets clean. As explained in the video above with Medway, all entries are categorized, location pinned and available for viewing by personnel who can co-ordinate a response.

Can it get any better? Actually, yes. Once the vandalism has been dealt with, fly-tipping cleared and graffiti washed, the authorities can take a photo of the cleaned area and the member of the public who filed the report will receive confirmation that the problem has been looked into.

You can download Love Clean Streets from the Marketplace for nothing at all.