Lowe's taps Pinterest and Cortana to boost its HoloLens kitchen design experience

At Microsoft Ignite, those in attendance got a look at how Lowe's has continued to innovate using the Microsoft HoloLens to help customers with the home remodeling process. Expanding on the capabilities of its initial trial launched in March, Lowe's showed off (opens in new tab) how its HoloLens software can now use the Cortana Intelligence Suite to analyze a customer's specific taste in decor and serve up custom kitchen ideas based on a Pinterest board full of ideas.

While the basic idea of being able to visualize a fully customizable holographic kitchen was impressive in its own right, the ability to further enhance and customize that experience by leveraging Cortana and Pinterest makes it that much cooler. Once the service is rolled out to a wider range of stores, it has the potential to make the remodeling process a much less arduous process.

Speaking of a wider rollout, Microsoft notes that the experience shown off on stage at Ignite will be available at some point later this year at five Lowe's stores, including the Lynnwood, Washington, and Garner, North Carolina outlets.

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  • Cool idea.
    Shocking acting
  • Lol i know right, they should have just explained everything as usual. I know they are not trying ti win an oscar but damn
  • For some extra flash they should have just got two well known actors to do it....
  • Oh yeah I watched this during the live stream and thought EXACTLY the same thing haha
  • WC you are too late.
    Frankly, I just wanna know why?
  • These things are interesting, but not directly to their main reader base (Consumers). Those of us really interested in these things have been watching the Stream and following on Twitter etc. If this were more consumer focussed, such as an Xbox event you would see up to the minute from WC as usual.
  • Okies;")
  • I think it's a silly idea
  • How is it silly? Instead of seeing flat, static pictures of kitchens (or any other room), you can get an immersion, interactive, 3-D view of a kitchen that you can manipulate. There's even the possibility that you could upload pictures of your current room so you can better see what kind of changes will be happening where as far as layout. It's a fantastic idea Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not a silly idea at all. I want today for choosing interior board for my cupboards, and was having difficulty choosing them. Then I remembered this video, and I was like " yes I need a hololens" ;")
  • This is amazing. Especially how they can work with the data afterwards.
  • Yeah that heat map was very interesting...
  • Nice idea indeed, now just need more app interaction for w10m please.
  • Did someone say interest? If so, I don't give a crap and wouldn't use it with HoloLens; no official Pinterest app, no promoting it on Windows of any kind period!
  • Consumers and developers need this service.
  • People love black color kitchen designs a lot these days. They are big fan of it as it doesn't let them clean kitchen on regular basis.
  • Interesting concept of kitchen design.  Could be something down the road, but I feel consumers will still want the touch and feel of the products before making selections.  The design idea of it especially for backsplashes will be a neat visualizer!