Lowe's taps Pinterest and Cortana to boost its HoloLens kitchen design experience

At Microsoft Ignite, those in attendance got a look at how Lowe's has continued to innovate using the Microsoft HoloLens to help customers with the home remodeling process. Expanding on the capabilities of its initial trial launched in March, Lowe's showed off how its HoloLens software can now use the Cortana Intelligence Suite to analyze a customer's specific taste in decor and serve up custom kitchen ideas based on a Pinterest board full of ideas.

While the basic idea of being able to visualize a fully customizable holographic kitchen was impressive in its own right, the ability to further enhance and customize that experience by leveraging Cortana and Pinterest makes it that much cooler. Once the service is rolled out to a wider range of stores, it has the potential to make the remodeling process a much less arduous process.

Speaking of a wider rollout, Microsoft notes that the experience shown off on stage at Ignite will be available at some point later this year at five Lowe's stores, including the Lynnwood, Washington, and Garner, North Carolina outlets.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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