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Lumia 1320, 630 availability expand to Argos Ireland

Availability of Nokia's Lumia 1320 and Lumia 630 will be expanding to retailer Argos in Ireland. Both phones will be available contract-free and unlocked so you're not bound to any carriers or contracts. The Lumia 630 will be available for €164.95 while the Lumia 1320 will be priced at €339.95.

Argos is listing the Lumia 630 in a variety of different color varients, including green, black and orange.

Source: Argos (opens in new tab) via Nokia News Ireland 1, 2

Chuong Nguyen
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  • Ireland? I'm not certain where this Israel business is coming from.
  • My friends tell me about 1320. Its a good phone just it needed was a carl Zeiss camera. Microsoft needs to make a midrange smartphone. Lumia 720s sucessor
  • 725/730. No idea if it'll ever arrive...
  • There 1320 is indeed a good phone my friend had one and its really awesome
  • yeah of 720 with better hardaware
  • That picture reminds me how much I love yellow Lumias. ;-)
  • That's a Lumia 1020 in the pic, not a 1320.
  • Don't know where the Israel bit came from, but I actually preferred "seems faster" nonsense. And I really don't like that.
  • Scroll up. I commented as to why I think he's doing it.
  • Your comment got deleted. Maybe Israel did it. :P. Or d Zionists. Oh god, Tis is lame but funny.
  • Well I guess cos the original got deleted. My comment just said cos they deleted his posts on the El Al app post. and that WPCentral is not really the place for it. In other news I heard the lack of SD card slots on 930s is a zionist conspiracy!
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  • Yeah, no. of comments just got slashed by half...
  • I can see the 630 1000 times and it still doesn't make any sense to me
  • That huge bezel where they originally intended hardware buttons to be looks hideous every time.
  • That's very expensive
  • Instagram to come out of beta in early-mid July !!
  • No one cares when ppl have 6 tag
  • Well that's right, I still use 6tag over Instagram. Rudy's work is just brilliant... He deserves to be MVP
  • 6-tag should be the official app.
  • €339 for the 1320? That's madness.. they won't be selling many of those. But then phones are always stupidly overpriced here