Lumia 1320 from Cricket Wireless finally getting over the air Cyan update

People who bought the Lumia 1320 from Cricket Wireless will be able to get their long awaited over the air update to Lumia Cyan We have received tips that the update is now rolling out and that is confirmed by Microsoft's own support site.

The 6-inch smartphone is the first - and only - Windows Phone device from Cricket Wireless to receive the Cyan update, which includes Windows Phone 8.1. As we have mentioned before with previous OTA updates to, anyone who has the Lumia 1320 from Cricket and has already downloaded and installed the Developer Preview version needs to downgrade to Windows Phone 8.0 before they download the new over-the-air update to 8.1.

Update: Initial reports suggest that you do NOT have to downgrade, and can take the Cyan update even if on the Preview for Developers.

Cricket Wireless customers who own the Lumia 520 and 620 will not be getting the Lumia Cyan update, as the support page lists those phones as 'Not available'. This means Cricket has passed on the update. If you are a Lumia 1320 owner via Cricket, how do you feel about finally being able to get Cyan on your device. Thanks to Luis and the other folks who tipped us!

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

  • Now that the Cyan update is well underway, I would like to see the Denim update start to roll out.
    The features of Denim, and WP8.1.1, take WP to a whole other level even solidifying WP8.1 even more as a healthy alternative to iDroid. At this point the refinements that WP10 will bring are just phenomenal, if even modest at best..
    The kicker here is that as more low end devices are being released, and less (Practically none) NEW high end devices are being released, the advanced features of the OS aren't, and can't be, taken advantage of by the majority of WP users. MS needs to find a way to convince these new OEM's to also load WP up on their most capable devices as well.... Nevertheless, baby steps.
  • Leave Verizon alone! :D
  • ???????
  • And "Where's My Cyan for my ICON, VERIZON?" comments in 3...2...1
  • Nah. We've given up.
  • It feels doesn't it? All left alone in the dark without any ray of light?
    C'mon let me give you a hug..
  • I run an unlocked lumia 1520 and it got cyan last week. See what they are doing to unlocked phones. I paid a load of money and this is how i get treated. It was due to that wallet issue on 8.1.1. But still I'm really annoyed
  • *chirp chirp*
  • if Verizon is not updating that phone why not complain to the FCC also if will not be sold in that carrier anymore is hard to say if would be updated, considering that is a CDMA based phone is really hard to tell, to me my phone carrier are very lazy to release updates I wish they were just faster for upcoming updates
  • Many already have
  • Its still being sold by ms store/amazon according to the ms mobile page
  • That's ridiculous that you guys haven't got Cyan yet... I blame MS.
  • You should blame Verizon. Microsoft has nothing to do with it. Verizon bought the Icon; they re-sold it to the customer. It is on them.
  • Yeah, I completely understand that, Daniel. But, I blame MS in a more abstract way, and I'm sure you already know my theory on that, so I'm not going to get into it right now... Lol. But, you know what I'm talking about.
  • I hope Daniel didn't reply just coz he didn't get your theory. Please Daniel be on my side ...
  • It's not so much a theory, rather it's the truth, and it is reality.... But, we'll save it for another day.
  • Can you guys please help us find out if we're going to get updates or not? Would be good journalism...
  • Given up on VZW :(
  • Right not its not as bad as an xb1 using a preview dash that broke game support on it for about 2 & a half weeks with still no workable fix
  • I share your frustration friend. Believe me!
  • Yea, kind of giving up for now on Lumia Cyan on the ICON. Sigh. :-\
  • Defeatist... But you've got a ways to go before reaching nirvanic cynicism. The cynic in me says, "Satya Nadella scrapped Blamer's "Devices and Services" 10-year plan. MS has ditched support for future in-house high-end devices and will rely on other OEMs to compete for mobile equipment. In essence, these decisions make the 4 billion dollar acquisition from Nokia moronic." Feel better?    
  • Yes...
  • Alright, let's flip it around. The buddha in me says, "Cyanicism in and of itself is an autonomous element in the matter. The important factor is how the business is affected. Microsoft has their technology services embedded all around the globe and has likely comped tons of free licenses to a vast array of agencies in exchange for expediting or even releasing phones and updates. Other OEMS have no such assets to comp and therefore just pay the necessary fees if that OEM wishes to continue supporting it's device. From an economic standpoint, Microsoft stands to lose more by continuing to habituate the comping of free devices and licensing than to eat a one-time 4 billion dollar acquisition."
  • Have you tried the developer preview?
  • I have this phone without any carrier, I would like to see the live folders by now !
  • Believe me it's the last thing you want to see.
  • Cricket Wireless customers who own the Lumia 520 and 620 are still awaiting their Cyan update.
    They're never getting Cyan (nor Black for the 620). These phones show up as "Not Available" on the Nokia/Microsoft status page: I ended up just flashing my 620 to an unbranded firmware just to get Black...
  • How did you do that?
  • I also would like to know this process. I gave up on my 620 about a week ago and bought a used 920. So far, very pleased!
  • Verizon's goal is to be the absolute last carrier in the US to release the Cyan update. 2015 is likely,followed by the Denim release in mid 2016
  • Verizon goal is to not update any WP devices so they can move those users to the older iPhones they're taking as trade-ins for new devises. Their refusal to answer any 8.1/cyan update questions tells me their plan will not sit well with the WP community. Just the way I read this and is just my opinion.
  • By the way, I think WP Central should try and avoid using value words like "finally" in articles. It doesn't come across as professional.
  • Political Correctness?
    Grammatical Correctness?
    Business Correctness?
    'Finally' IMHO is d best way to describe such situation
  • Overruled ;) We will continue to use 'finally' where appropriate.
  • I guess it's just my disappointment over the Cyan-Icon debacle that makes me think "finally" is just a slap in the face here... :)
  • Its just the reality of the situation...
  • You should be slapped in the face just for being on verizon. I got off a few years ago, it's amazing at how much money i save being off of verizon. And my cell service has never been better.
  • This is a blog, not a news outlet. Opinionated words like finally are acceptable.
  • I think WP Central should save the word "finally" for when Verizon releases Cyan, since they will probably be last. On second thought, a more fitting headline for that article would be "Hell freezes over, Verizon releases Cyan"...
  • Omg haha
  • I don't it could be Verizon or T-Mobile that is last. However at least the 925 users can switch to AT&T firmware if they so desire. 521 users don't have that option. Nor do use Icon or 928 users.
  • Why would I downgrade from preview for developers and then download the 8.1 OTA update?
  • Firmware.
  • I am still new to the world of WP. Whats different about the firmware? I am on preview for developers and I love it.
  • It's not so much that it's different, it's more about the fact that you don't have it... But, you do have firmware, its just the old firmware that's custom tailored to your last official update(Black)... You need the Cyan specific firmware to optimize your device, and unlock all potential features.. Firmware is device specific. It's tailor made for your specific device, and you will only get that through your carrier.
  • Oh ok. I have a 630 right now and I had a 520 before that. I didnt know it made that much of a difference other thann WP 8 and WP8.1
  • Yes. It makes a big difference. It's a must to have the latest firmware for the best overall experience.
  • There are missing features. In higher end phones it makes the camera work better. It supports bluetooth 4.0, etc.. Also sometimes the DP has issues and almost always its firmware related. Apparently Denim isn't as important as Cyan unless you want your camera to run faster. This is an issue that would affect Icon owners, but we'll probably never get the update thanks to verizon.
  • As far as I have noticed I havent had an issues with the DP on my 630.
  • That's because the DP is pretty much final software.. What version are you running?
  • OS: 8.10.14176.243 FIRMWARE: 01061-00062-14216-48014
  • Ok, so you're running WP8.1.1.2..................
    Do you have live folders, and have had 2 Updates since getting live folders❓...
    Have you got the official Cyan update❓
  • I do have folder (which I love and wouldnt want to go without anymore by the way).   I honestly am not sure if I have the Cyan update or how many updates I have had.   Like I said I'm still pretty new to WP and am still learning how all this works.   I had an iPhone before I moved to WP so this is all still very new to me.
  • Ok. In settings go all the way down to "extra+info" there your device should say "Lumia Cyan" in the color cyan.. Go check that out, and let me know?
    Also, use the beta FB app, if you like FB.. It's way better, and gets new features first.
    Also, Check out "Glance Background" for Windows Phone
  • Yep it says Lumia Cyan
  • Cool!... So, you have the latest, WP experience possible.. Now, just sit back and wait for Denim.. Did you see my links above?
  • I'm glad to hear that I am rocking the newest version!    I did see your links, thank you very much! :)   Unfortunately I cant use Glance on my phone. It must not be compatible
  • Lol!! Oh yeah.. No glance on the 630.
  • Actually, the story has been updated to reflect that you do NOT have to downgrade in this case.
  • Wp8.1.2?
  • Actually, we're still waiting on WP8.1.1Denim... We are still on update 1 with the DP....
    WP8.1.2 hasn't even been revealed yet, and we don't even know what the firmware is called at this point.. It's probably going to start with a E, but it's far off if MS is even ever planning on releasing it... We're still on the horizon to WP10, so I'm not holding my breath for and update 2.
  • I was just looking at this phone on Crickets website this morning
  • I want a new flagship phone. 6". Love my 1520 but its time for an upgrade
  • I want the successor to the 1520, but as an Icon owner who's fed up with Verizon, I'm just going to take what's available. Fortunately the rumors of the 1525/1530 aren't much better than the 1520 itself. qHD vs full HD (2560x1440 vs 1920x1080) and either a snapdraggon 801 or 805 vs the 800. Personnally I think it needs the Note's Stylus. Anyway the 1520 is one of the 2 best phones available the 930 and Icon being the other. If you already have it, its not a big deal.
  • I'd like to see a metal body like the HTC but 6" and from Microsoft. Really I want a Surface phone that is 6" with all the features. Not half @$$ed
  • Why cant MS release the Lumia denim to some of the countries so at the end of the year all the phones will be able to receive this update
  • They said that IS the plan.
  • Nothing from TMo yet for 521/925 :/
  • Still patiently waiting for this too on my test devices. 3 of my friends ask me daily when they can get Cortana. They are all on TMobile. They need to release 8.1 with cyan like now.
  • Agreed...I can't help it, but being with T-Mobile is a love&hate relationship. Similar to dating a successful&beautiful woman...leap of faith ;). +925
  • It's sad that they see the commercials for Cortana, and have owned the phone for over a year but yet can't use the feature. I'll admit, I blame T-Mobile when they ask me, but really not sure who's fault it is.
  • T-Mobile?
  • Actually, I updated without downgrading to 8.0
  • Anyone out there have a 1320? How do you like it? Is it zippy? How does it load web pages? How does it play 3D games, and especially, how is the camera for stills and video? Low light? Currently rocking the 925 still. Not sure if the 1320, 730, 830 are an upgrade from the 925 or not. Really want expandable memory, but the 925 is still fast, and has a great camera.   EDIT: Oh I'm on Cricket in the US. Thanks. 
  • I had the 1320 for about 2 weeks before trading it in for the 630. The camera is "meh" at best. Other than that the 1320 is a decent device, but not what I would view as an "upgrade" to the 925 (I also owned the 925 for both T-Mo and AT&T). The screen on the 1320 is very nice. It's pretty quick, and the expandable storage works great, so long as you use either a Class 10 Micro SD card, or only use the SD card for Pics/Music/Videos and leave all apps on internal storage. I wound up returning the 1320 for the 630. I felt that the 1320 was a bit over-priced for what you were getting. My main disappointment was the camera. It wasn't terrible, but it was certainly "meh". Had they used even the 920's camera sensor, I would've kept it. The 630 seems to have a better camera, and does have quad core, but at a lower clock speed, and does not have LTE (the 1320 does have LTE). Now, to wrap it all up in a bow, I just bought a refurb Lumia 1520 off eBay (AT&T model) for $269. It's in flawless condition, and is exactly what I wanted. Perfect camera, plenty of internal storage, plenty of RAM, expandable storage, and a high res screen. So save yourself the money, and just buy a refurb'd 1520 instead of getting the 1320, unless you could care less about taking pics with it. For the record, I am also on Cricket. Have been for almost a year now (back when it was Aio). Hope that helps!
  • It helps a lot! Thanks for the info. :D
  • I have it. Its a pretty fast phone, zippy if you will. Pretty seamless webpage loading, and gaming is great. The worst thing I can say about the phone is that the cam is pretty mediocre, speaking in technical terms. That being said, I take quite a lot of pics and videos and my friends (mostly newer iphone users) seem to love the quality. One forgoes using his iphone 5s camera and video for mine. I don't know what that say to the qualilty, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
  • Thanks so much for your info on this. Helps me out a lot.
  • I have a Cricket Lumia 630 it has Windows 8.1 how to know if it's Cyan?
  • Yours is Cyan.
  • Settings > extras+ info
  • Wow... I just checked the update page because a friend of mine just got a Lumia 520 on Cricket a couple months ago, just before the newer 630 was announced.  Previously, the update page said Cyan was in testing, now it says NOT AVAILABLE.  My friend is going to be upset if they aren't going to deliver it!!!!  Does anyone know any details on this?
  • T-MOBILE. USA 925
  • -Icon -Verizon*100
  • yup same here bro +928
  • Will the Icon ever get the "Hey Cortana" feature? They say any WP with the 800 or higher processor will get it? Anyone?
  • That should come with Lumia Denim firmware update which is next in line after Cyan.
  • Since Verizon discontinued the Icon, will they still push any of the updates like Cyan or Denim? I'm on a 928, but would still like an icon!
  • Yes it will get the updates like other phones. Verizon stops selling phones all the time. ICON came out Feb 2014, it was up against some fierce competition at the time. Galaxy S5 and others. This is normal and happened with other phones they sell. Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4  they EOL the phones all the time. Its just annoying for me because I have the ICON and I'm still waiting for the Cyan update. There are quite a few documented issues with this phone. Cortana always works, camera is great but random reboots, random audio drops and the way they are taking their time with this firmware update is outrageous.
  • I was quite bummed with the news of them discontinuing the Icon, I still want to get the phone though. Are there any issues with it that should stop me from getting one? I've heard others have problems, some not. The specs seem so awesome! I'm waiting for my 928 to get cyan/denim, but I don't think it will. Contract is up next month and would like a decent upgrade! Thanks for the info!
  • The camera and cortana are my favorite features. I use voice dial all the time, the battery life has been fine. camera does great in low light environments. SD card support would have been nice but 32gb is enough space. I am running the Win8.1 dev preview and have all the latest updates, I feel that Cyan would make it more stable since it reboots on occasion for no reason.  Its not often but my iphone4 and Galaxy S3 never did that. Bluetooth tends to be finicky as well, sometimes I need to turn off BT and back on a few times, for my headset to connect.   I  like my ICON but man they really need to update it, for stability reasons.
  • I just read that they're putting out a Lumia 1525, 6 inch phone, quad core, 800+ processor, etc. Supposedly to be on Verizon... Maybe I'll wait to see if this comes out. But we know how Verizon is!
  • T-Mobile 925, 635, 521..... chirp, chirp, chirp.... Dare I ask here, how do other platforms compare with updates from carriers. Are they this bad too? Or is it time to learn something new? Only ever used MS devices.
  • all i have to say .... 8x and 810 ;) on tmobile
  • verizon is shit!!!! +928
  • Haha,The 1320 Cricket! Wish I wasn't on such an obscure service provider with a low end phone. +Icon on Verizon
  • Cricket? Seriously, Verizon? You've been beaten by Cricket? I quit you. Take your arrogance and your high fees and stick them up your ass!
  • This is becoming unreal. Is MS just dumping everyone for another new start at mobile, maybe with a Surface phone? Weird. Only cheap crap for me from here on out. Stuff I can toss when Verizon or MS rip me off. This is a mess and not a single word from MS.
  • +1320 yooh after two and half months since the release of Cyan
  • This might be off topic, but I'm considering switching to cricket (from tmo). Thoughts? I'm on the developer preview, so I'm assuming I'd still get updates. Bringing my 920 over which had almost no reception on tmo.
  • I personally like Cricket. Data speeds in my area are good, and the all in pricing tiers (40 dollars means 40 dollars, no other fees or taxes) are, to me, one of their strongest selling points.
  • I'm also happy with Cricket. LTE speeds, if in your area, using AT&T towers and very reasonable prices. Customer service has been spotty but you shouldn't ne